Grunge Gone Glam Review

I got to Pompeii around 10pm and the show was already on the way. The place was packed, the music was loud and the models were full of energy and spunk. There were also a few interesting firebreathing, musical and solo singing (by Sipping Soma and Deidre) and some playful little gags included with the show.

After the show, RC took over the tables and played some cool house and techno mixes and got the crowd dancing on the floor. Things sure began to heat up on the stage. There were a few strippers dropping by after work and they proceded to do some dirty dancing with each other and all the guys went nuts. So I picked up the camera again and started shooting and the girls didn't shy away from me. RC left around 2:30 am and the resident DJ took over with the typical disco stuff and all the latenight clubbers poured in out of nowhere. I took a few more provocative shots of a few dancers and packed my camera away to chill and chat with DJ Donovan for a while. Pompeii remained full of people and energy until 3:45am when they finally stopped the music.