Where am I?

I live in Phoenix, Arizona - USA. I love everything about the desert. The sweet, potent smells and colors, the mystic solitude, the untamable spirit and even the penetrating heat of a Phoenician summer.

One of the things I did not expect was the general attitude of the people here. Everyone warned me about the crime and pollution in Phoenix and the cold, distant character of people who live in larger cities. Maybe it was that sort of exaggerated negative expectation that made it possible for me to like Phoenix even more. To my surprise, I found people here to be a lot less stand offish and a lot more accommodating than what I was told. Even most people in Scottsdale are courteous. Some just wear more silicon implants and makeup than the rest of us but, they are still quite harmless. I also like the racial and cultural variety that exists here. Sure, there is always room for more interracial harmony but, it could also be a lot worse.

There is something magical and enchanting about places like Arizona. From the rims of Grand Canyon to the valleys of Tonto National Park, There is a sense of ancient Indian spirits that linger in the wilderness. A strong earthly presence. There is something so natural and real about this land. It's so peaceful yet, there is a tinge of disturbance. A hint of unrest. Perhaps it's just what is known about the history of the region. Perhaps something more.

Phoenix has a wonderful architecture. Many great builders, including Frank Lloyd Wright, have contributed to the structure of the city. I love south western art and architecture. The earth tone and bold colors and the patterns drawn from the natural forms. My only disappointment is when I see a house or a mall under construction and I can see the wooden frames and chicken wire under the red adobe. I'm reminded that not everything I see is authentic. Sort of reminds me of the silicon breast implants. You enjoy looking at them but, you still feel cheated.

Grand Canyon



Walnut Canyon


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