Where am I going?

There's a lot I want to do. Lots of photography, graphics, and art projects ahead. And, the more new things I learn, the more new plans I dream up. I know I will always integrate my true talent, freehand illustration, into everything I do and continue to draw from it. But, I'm glad I've learned other tools and methods of expressing myself. I love being able to convey the same message through more than one method. It gives me more freedom and a sense of power.

One thing I will probably never run out of again is hope. There will always be reasons to be afraid. But, as long as you are honest with yourself, you will be able to overcome those fears. Admitting to your flaws and mistakes will help you learn faster and grow wiser. It also makes people feel more comfortable around you. They can sense that you are not trying to appear more than what you are to impress and please them. So, they will open up to you and trust you with more ease. That works in business as well as friendships.

More than anything, I'm happy that I never completely lost my faith in myself and the confidence to pick up the brush or roll the mouse and set on creating another project. I may be older and wiser now, but, I'm basically back at my old school desk, daydreaming and drawing. Except now, I get paid for it;)

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