The night started off with a strange vibe. First, I totally forgot about the Mini-Red Monkey until after I promised to take people to The Nile with me. So, I had to keep my word and miss another great house party. Second, once I got there, I was actually refused entry to The Nile by none other than our own Mr. Pink (AKA DJ Electrobeats).

- "Ha ha, Jonathan! That's really funny!"
- "Nope, I'm serious. I can't let you in."

Back into the alley:
- "Hey, Brian! Wanna tell your buddy to let me in?"

I finally get in under the glaring look of Mr. Pink and others at the door. I'm still not sure what that was all about... I'm not sure I wanna know! The vibe inside was also a bit strange. One room played happy hardcore, the other jungle and the main room almost everything else in between, exept trance. I guess you could call it a "gumbo" party: too many different ingredients, not enough subtlety and a little hard to digest. It wasn't really that bad but, there were very few people dancing in the main room. Most of the dancers were in the HH crowd. I didn't stay in the basement for more than 5 minutes because of the heat and skipped the HH hardcore room for more or less the same reasons. I spent most of the night walking around the main room like a zombie. I was tired and sober. Not the best combination for a rave party. So, I decided this was my chill party of the month. I spent a good amount of time sitting on the edge of the stage, watching a few dancers in the front lay down some very cool moves.

My favorite set was Lego's followed by Rob Jet, who played a tight set of hard techno with only one monitor. Prophet of Nth also played an interesting set of funky ambient sounds from MP3 files on his computer. I kinda liked the setup of the main stage. A half wall of monitors displayed a variety of videos in front of the DJ and provided some dancing lights over the crowd. The volume was unusually low in the main room. Maybe that's why there weren't too many people dancing there. Maybe everyone else was tired like me. All things considered, it was an OK party worth attending if you didn't have much else to do. The highlight of the night for me didn't come until a few hours later at the after party when I was giving this gorgeous dancer named Ecstasy a full body massage;)


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