This was one of the best desert parties I've been to in the recent months. Well... they are ALL great! But, this one had some of the most important ingredients for a perfect desert rave: Great location, nice weather, awesome music and cool people. And whatever that was imperfect about any of these ingredients made the whole experience even more interesting. Top that off with no walls and no security and you're two pills short of a paradise;)

We got there around midnight and the party was in full swing. The location was deep in the woods. Way off road, way underground. The area chosen was made of several open grounds, separated by scattered trees and bushes. It was like a natural multi room party and like any multi room house, it took a little bit of getting used to. But, once you became familiar with your surroundings, you could frolic around with great ease.

The people were almost all hand picked by the promoters. Color flyers were printed but not posted on the Net or randomly distributed rather, handed out one by one. There were a few muscle flexers in the crowd but not the type who were looking for a fight. Plus their flashy girlfriends provided a great source of amusement for the rest of us when they tried to walk on that wild, un-carpeted earth in their high heels. Don't get me wrong. I love beautiful, fashionable women. But, there is a time and place for dressing up and this was the desert, not Club Med! The best part was when you spotted that look of panic on their faces when they had to go to the bathroom... looking deep into the dark woods and measuring up their bladder control vs their fear of creepy bugs. That look is unmistakable and CLASSIC;)

When we arrived, DJ Purex was spinning the tables with some fresh, hard trance. CL McSpadden came up next and laid out another one of his uplifting progressive trance mixes. Then Jon Boy mounted the tables for more serious trancidental humping and the party just got better and better. Everyone was walking around with glowing faces and blinding smiles. Every few feet there was either a group of dancers raising some dust or a pile of rolling flesh in an amalgamated human orgy. Free and devoid of judgment. I kept walking around and nodding my head in approval. A total pagan ritual. Something that would disgust any puritan, wholesome, god fearing, Sears-wearing, Jay Leno-watching, family-valued, model citizen. BEAUTIFUL... JUST FUCKING BEAUTIFUL;)

But, all good things must eventually come to an end and it seems like the better they are the sooner they end. At around 4 am, Michael and Citrik came on to do their Cybertrance tag team. A few minutes into their set, we got the 13th call: Houston, we have a problem! The generator went out. Dead. Nothing. Scott quickly went to work to see if he could get it running again. We all sat around and told rave ghost stories. About half hour later, the generator started up again and the music came back on to a roaring cheer... just to die again after a few minutes. It was like tryiong to get it on with your lover only to keep getting interupted by unwanted visitors. At around 5 we gave up and decided the party was over for us. We headed back to the car and although we heard the music kick in again, we kept on going, saving the rest of our energy for the folowing night at Translucent.

I can never get enough of these desert parties. Specially when there is a new location. Someday, there might be a world where dancing on this planet won't be illegal. When the last of the witch burners is laid to rest. But then, where would the thrill be? What will make going to an underground party so underground and exciting? Hmmm... I'm sure with a little imagination we will find a way;)


13 was the second rave I'd been to and it was the BOMB! I seen alot of people from U turn which was ok just packed ass. Well the location was great and the vibe was awesome. Hope to see you and everybody at the future kick ass rave partys we all love.


We would just like to thank everyone for coming out to '13' and making the night what it was. It just wouldn't have been the same without each and every single smiling face and dancing body, again, we truely appreciate everyone's support!! Our goals have once again been reached, to do a low cost party with a nice sound system, lighting, laser, great music, cheap water, and lots of happy ravers under the AZ sky. As long as we continue to get this kind of support we can continue providing everyone with a night of fun. See you all at Dewey!

100% Natural Groove/DTS

PS - If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to leave a msg on our voice mail or email us.

13 was the first rave i have ever gone to and it was a blast. Just that fact of knowing a bunch of fucked-up happy people, were walking around the middle of the desert at 3 am, makes any normal, non-raving folk just quiver, but instead i had the greatest time. And not only did i have a good time... it led to bigger and better raves hheee heee.


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