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The Nile was hot and sticky as usual. It took me about a whole hour to get passed the discomfort and get into the music but, it was worth the wait.

Swell brought out a brand new sound system that kicked serious butt. You could be standing still and yet feel like your body was moving from the sheer vibrations. It was powerful and clean.

I missed Pete's set (again) but the rest of the DJs made up for it. Diesel Boy spun an awesome set of drum & base and Nigel Richards poured on a crowd pleasing mix of house and techno. PRG and Michael entertained the back room. I didn't spend too much time downstairs due to the intense heat and humidity but there were a few lesser known DJs there that spun great sets of their own.

I thought Swell did a great job but I seriously think it's time for a new venue... or at least an additional one.


god damn god damn, i think everyone and their mom decided to come out of their holes for this one. dieselboy is the SHIT, i must say :) waaaay too hot in there tho, let me tell ya. but it was some dope shiat. well, next think i should be at is clash of the titans, so hope to see everyone there!! pizeace out


Well all you ravers out there i gota tell you one thing.. This has been my first arizona party since expermenting with beats.. well i did goto cyberfest but thats a whole nother story.. and i must say i had a blast. They crowd was loving everything dieselboy through down and the subs left me actualy feeling the bass on the carride home... I was also sober this party and i realised that raves are alot more fun sober ... you dont look like an idiot humping the speakeer and doing the rest of the e-tarded things.. yes thoose drugs are fun but theve become what arizona is known for .. not for the music and the intense scene lets bring back the music and let the drugs take the back seat


I must say swell put togather one of its better partys saturday. The music was good enough to make me forget about the humitity. and the vibe was so thick that I sat down most of the night. Happy b-day steph. love you all...


this party was the BOMB!!!!thats all i got to say.

dj chesshire


The party was phat as could be! It was my first Nile party in a long time, but I had to go to see Dieselboy!@# He totally ripped it up...the vibe there was a great one too! I'm glad I made it


I have to say other than the usual deathly hot roar of the Nile this was a B@D@$$ Party. Diesel boy came on with his EXTREMELY fast beats and tore the place up and Nigel Richards spun some very nice shiznit plus he started off by playing "The Other Side" by the Doors, so it was great.

The next party I'm looking forward to is the 25th.. Caffeine..

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I know i keep on sayin' this, but I swear to god I'll be at the next one. It sounds like the nile sucked again but i think dieselboy could make any venue the best

.:@:.love to everyone out there in raver land.:@:.

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