It had been a long while since I went to The Nile. I thought I'd never go back there again but... never say never! I'm really glad I went.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see the construction was over on Main Street and boy did they cleaned it up nice. The life size sculptures are a very nice touch.

We got there around 10:30 and there was a long, but well organized line outside. The security was very solid yet relaxed throughout the night. The sound system was provided by Sonic Wave and it was near perfection. Candyman and Burning Retina provided an excellent laser and light show. And the DJs all performed awesome sets.

Matt McCoy was spinning a heavy duty set of progressive trance when we walked in and despite the cramped area, there were a lot of people dancing all over the place. Daeman came up next and played a great set of San Diego style hard house. Then it was time for the headliner, Christopher Lawrence from LA, who blew the roof off with a wonderful set of solid trance. I saw him at Nocturnal Wonderland and he sounded just as good, if not better on this night. I missed the other DJs, but I heared they all did great.

I thought overall this was a great party. Despite the fact that if was too crowded and the endless cuddle pits made it even worse, a lot of people were just dancing and truly enjoying themselves. The only thing that was a bit too obvious and a little uncomfortable was all the kids walking around with balloons. I think that's fine in a true underground/desert party but at a place like The Nile it could cost the rave scene too much damage. We must be a little more descrete and not take our freedom for granted.

OK. I'll stop before I go into another "be responsible" lecture. Like I said, I had a blast. BTW, $1 for water and soda? And they even gave some away free near the end of the night. Now THAT'S the rave spirit... get it? Thank you Deepfreq and t-minus-zero and everyone else involved with this great event. I think this was the party that signaled the return of some positive vibe back into the Phoenix' rave scene.


Let me just say that "This was a true rave". I saw every1 there...that guy that girl and those other people...LOL Anyways i myself thought that i was never going to the nile again but i said never all too quick... The line-up was just wonderful with a capitol E... I never thought i would see the day when all the true ravers would be at the nile... lets give it up for t-minus zero and deepfreq productions. thanks to all the people that threw and came to the party... you all made it the best party i have ever attended at the nile...

p.s. like ramy said we all need to calm down with the drugz we all do... its one thing to take a PILL, but its a nother thing to be throwing up all the $hIzN!T you just popped in your mouth... sorry for all the kidz that i saw throwing up your pillz... "Keep the love real and underground"

Justin"the eskimo"


Well looking back at Millenum Maddness an Acid Rein the vibe somehow bounced to a whole new level it was awsome . The next weeken we ventured to Tuscan for Ecosphere expectin the same thing but the mosh pit i mean the line took so long,the music was just icky, and the kids (mosta them) forgot (or never knew) how to have fun. Too bad soo sad we forgot all about it the second we got to the Nile for absolute zero. The venue isnt our favorite an neither is Trance but throw in a good vibe and thats all that really matters. Thanks to all da happy kidz for makin are life as a party kid so mush fun. I c u nect week!!!
LUV YA!!!!

TIara-n Brandon


Well, for the Nile, this was a good party; the music and vibes kicked ass. The only things that sucked was all the damn people and the nasty sweatyness of the whole place. It was my friends first party and I'm glad it was because she had a blast. Even though we had to take a long ass detour ending up in a huge pointless circle on the way there, we got ther just in time to see Christopher Lawrence. I just hope no more good parties get thrown at the dirty Nile.



i haven't been to the nile since may or june, so i was a little skeptical of this pawtee. my last experience there was NOT a good one, but absolute zero was da BOMB!! the vibe has totally improved and i saw a lot of downa$$ ravers! the balloons and the whole back room (we referred to as the crackhead room) was a little much, but that's okay. i had fun. christopher lawrence rocked da house in a fierce way....and he was even nice enough to take a picture with li'l ol' me!! (thanks to mah main man SAL who hooked us up PHAT the whole night!) we were glad to see that ramy was there taking pictures.....he was slackin' on his pimpin' there for a while! ok, that's my two cents. thanx for da opportunity....peace. (the finest bourgeoise ba rum ba bum baaahhhhh!)



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