I got to the Icehouse relatively early (around 11 PM) but the streets downtown were already full of cars and the entry line was extended all the way back to the train station. It's been a long time since I've seen the Icehouse this packed. I'd say around 3-4000 people showed up, maybe more.

We got in through the Courtyard entrance and I was immediately taken by the music. Dj Plotz of Sound Factory (brother to Alex Ruiz) was spinning a bad ass set of Funky house and Tec-house. It was so good and uplifting that I began to dance even before taking my camera out.

I made a quick round of the place. Raymond Roker and Mc Question Mark were spinning d&b in the Cathedral Room and Zion I was entertaining the crowd in the Silver Room. DTS had the back yard, as usual with Michael, Citrik and the rest of the crew on the tables. I went back to the courtyard, took some more shots and continued to dance through Nimh's set. I love his new stuff. Very tight and moving.

After a while, I tried going back to the Silver room to catch Woody McBride but it was so full that no one could get in. I couldn't understand why with such a big crowd did they have to close off the other entrances and create such a messy bottleneck. After about an hour, I finally inched my way in and caught the end of his set. Timmy came on next and played a very dancable funky house and disco set. Gary Menichiello came up next to a warm reception and loud cheers from the crowd. Larry and Angel put on a great fashion show in the cages and the female dancers went nuts with their sexy moves. The crowd started to pay a lot of attention to them. Some guys even stuck money in their G-Strings and a couple of tops came off a few times. It was like a mix of strip bar and a rave. I know that's too much to stomach for some people but I loved it and they loved my camera. Kevin Brown then jumped on the stage and started another awesome set and kept the vibe going strong.

I thought this was one of Icehouse' best parties. The music and the sound system were great. The vibe was also pretty cool. The only thing that bothered me a little was the few E-puddles that formed half way through the party. I'm the last one in the world who would tell you what you should do with your own body, and I believe the actual drug use at parties always gets exaggerated, specially the dosage. But after that big drug bust we had last week in Phoenix, don't you think it's somewhat foolish to look so fucked up in a public place? You are making it very difficult for the cops to look the other way. If this continues they will start throwing promoters in jail here too... and you could be next. Please, if you're gonna take E, do it responsibly, moderately, and stay "vertical" while you're at a rave. Why pay $30 to pass out on a dirty floor when you can do it for free at home?

Still, I won't dwell on the negative. There are too many good things you can get out of a rave to let the bad get you down. We finally left around 5 am. The party was still going pretty strong inside. I hope everyone made it home safe and sound. Thank you Swell for a great time.


Acid Reign 4 - if you were there, you knew how the party was...i couldn't tell if i loved it, or hated it. What do you expect when you have advertisement on the radio and newspapers. it was "slightly" crowded; not being able to move at a party is not too enjoyable. on the other hand, DJ's - amazing sets all night long...i also enjoy Nimh's new sets immensely. MC ?, always a good show.

all in all, great party...i'd still love to see the old desert parties again, live AR3 last year *sigh*...

deejay sKiTtLeZ

it was a ok partiE but it wasnt even one of the better icehouse parties it was packed and you couldnt get in the silver room worth crap i got pushed back against the wall and cut my self..that really suxed anyways the music was good there that all that matter but i wish i would have see more peoples dancen in the silver room instead there was a flood of cuddle buddys all over in each corner they were all the way out to the dance floor it make me sad when i see that :o(... i liked to be touched to but plz you make are parties look bad when you do that people get the wrong idea about raves... and when i heared it was advertised on the radio i was like great now were going to get more kids that dont understand crap about raven or belive in it yes PLUR peace love unity and respect now days more and more ppl dont know what it is or even belive in it... that why you see fight and crap like that and alot of kid there were like it not about plur tell i get my sgurd :o) ... i see more and more of this.... oo and what up with the male stripers did any one else see that or female stripers come on now that make us raves look like all we want is sex drugs and techno... the only thing that made that partie good was the music ooo and my friends i just hope raves can turn around in general

P.S i sux at spelling hope you still got my messgae


I am so glad you captured this memorable night. And over 50 pics nonetheless. I still can't believe what a tight party that was. The vibe was great. One request though- if you're gonna have an E-puddle, move it away from the doors and to the back of the rooms please. I'm all about PLUR, but you can't get mad that you were trampled on because you are standing next to one of the only entrance/exits when a hundred people are squishing through the door. That was my only complaint, otherwise, it was a super phat shindig. Props to Nimh, Daisy, and Nth.

Peace and much love to the AZ scensters.
Brian Y.

This Party was the shit, there were mad peeps all over the place it reminded me alot of four 98'......... probably cause of the turn out. The vibe was ok but for the most part people were dancing their ass's OFF

the party was great got a lot of picture of us showing our ta-tas if you know whati mean i loved it over crowded but positive energy have fun continue on n dts wheres the desert at ??????????

melissa ( naked chic) on pole

This party had serious potential to be dope. However, as i began to enjoy myself, i would trip over a pile of sweaty fucked up kids who probably didn't even realize that my foot was stuck under their asses. I am by no means saying that one shouldn't do drugs, because i would be a hipocrite if i did. But for christ sake, if you're gonna get so fucked up you can't move then STAY HOME. You're wasting your money and the money of the people who came to be able to walk and dance. Have some courtesy. That's my two cents. Peace


Amen to that! I think it might be a good idea if the promoters said something like "no e-piles, please" on their flyers or have a sign like that at the entrance. They might finally get the message.


No pics of the headliners? Zion 1 and Rob Swift are rarely here and Phoenix and the only pic I see is a bunch of main streem yuppies with there shirts off. Props to the locals, but headliners like that is a nice treat lets get some pics!


Good point. But I have to remind you that I made this rave section more as a hobby than a paid service so I can take picture at leisure and whatever interests "me" at the time... and that doesn't always mean the obligatory headliner. There are over 3000 pics here. I get EVERYONE eventually. I'll get Zion and Rob next time.


okie, i have been going to raves for a long time so i know and have been there to see each and everyone of the fases the scene goes through. but this fase. come on guys. this is redickulous, some of us want to go to raves and not have some person we dont know that is all sweaty rubbing all over us, thats fucking sick, and some of us want to go and have fun and dance and listen to the music!!! im jsut really upset about what the scene has came too! i wish it would change!!!

that was the most un organized party i have ever been to there was people getting trampled and passing out security had no control the vibe sucked two thumbs down

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