Hello, My name is Michael R Romigh of austin texas. I throw electronic music and club events. I have recently been made aware of a bill being passed through congress known as the "Reduce Americas Vunerabilty to Exstacy" act (aka RAVE act) OR S. 2633. This bill, which could be voted on very soon, would allow the federal government to fine or imprison businessmen and women if they fail to stop their customers from using or selling drugs on their premises or at their events. The RAVE Act unfairly punishes business owners for the crimes of their customers and is unprecedented in U.S. history. The federal government can't even keep drugs out of its own prisons, yet this law fines business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars for failing to keep people from carrying drugs onto their premises. S. 2633 is a danger to innocent businessmen and women, especially restaurant and nightclub owners, concert promoters, landlords, and real estate managers. Section 4 of the bill goes so far as to allow the federal government to charge property owners civilly, thus allowing prosecutors to fine property owners $250,000 (and put them out of business) without having to meet the higher standard of proof in criminal cases that is needed to protect innocent people. Health advocates worry that the bill will endanger our nation's youth. If enacted, licensed and law-abiding business owners may stop hosting raves and other musical events, out of fear of massive fines and prison sentences. Thus, the RAVE Act will drive raves and other musical events further underground and away from public health and safety regulations. It would also discourage business owners from enacting important measures to protect their customers. By insinuating that selling bottled water and offering "cool off" rooms is proof that owners and promoters know drug use is occurring at their events, this bill may make business owners too afraid to implement such harm-reduction measures, and the safety of our kids will suffer. The new law would also make it a federal crime to temporarily use a place for the purpose of using any illegal drug. Thus, anyone who used drugs in their own home or threw an event (such as a party or barbecue) in which one or more of their guests used drugs could potentially face a $250,000 fine and years in federal prison. The bill also effectively makes it a federal crime to rent property to medical marijuana patients and their caregivers, giving the federal government a new weapon in its war on AIDS and cancer patients that use marijuana to relieve their suffering. In short, this bill is too controversial and too broadly written to be passed without debate. I urge you to do everything possible to stop it from becoming law. here is a link to write your congressman please forward this to all of your friends. http://ga1.org/campaign/rave.