Words and Photos by Ramy

City Heat Magazine - December 1999

It's around midnight on a Saturday night. I'm walking with a friend down a dusty road somewhere in the middle of the desert. The full, summer moon casts our shadows in the sand as it peaks through the silvery clouds and we can barely see the silhouettes of the tall bushes that surround us. From beyond the hills, a faint sound calls to us. It's a low, heavy base that beats like a racing heart. Tribal and organic in nature, it's as timeless as the universe yet, it is completely synthesized. We stop our conversation briefly and look at each other with a smile. We're about to arrive at a rave.

Raves have been around for many years now. From the abandoned warehouses of London, to the volcanic mountain tops of Ecuador, they could pop up any where, any time. Some are as small as a private party with only a handful of people, some are as large as a big city. 1998s Love Parade in Berlin brought 3 million people together. My personal favorites are the Arizona desert raves. They get any number of ravers from fifty to five hundred or so and since the choice of music is focused on progressive techno and trance, the people who attend are generally older (by ravers standards) and more responsible and descrete partiers. But as any raver will tell you, it is impossible to categorize what a raver really is. I've met all sorts of people at raves, from underage homeless runaways to retired university professors.

Some say raves are the modern day version of the 60's and 70's hippie movement. That explanation leads one to believe that raves are nothing but a pagan ritual for the none conformist to get high, get some free love and burn out. Others say raves are a celebration of life and love and freedom through dancing all night to electronic music. But, you can get all of those things anywhere. So, what is it that truly defines and separates raves from other human rituals? I think it has a lot to do with attitude.

Remember 2001 A Space Odyssey? When a tribe of Neanderthals woke up to the giant monolith planted in their midst? Raves remind me a lot of that scene. When I watch a group of sweaty dancers rest their heads on the metallic grill of a giant, black speaker and attach their trembling chests to the gaping mouth of a pulsating woofer, I instantly remember the same ape, 2 million years ago, touching, sniffing and kissing the unfamiliar and fascinating dark object. Raves are about our future. They inspire us to become aware of ourselves, our surroundings and our humanity. They are about how we will come together as a species and how we will treat each other. They are about how we will communicate and express our thoughts and emotions to oneanother.

The music that is played at raves generally sounds meaningless and repetitive to many people. It might become extremely disturbing and intolerable and could even evoke anger and disgust. But to ravers, this music is as sweet as the air they breathe and as life giving as the blood that flows through their veins. The magic is in the feelings that techno music awakens in us. The subtle scale progressions and the rhythmic build ups excite the senses and move the spirit with such delicate touch that few classical compositions can match. At the same time, the relentless beat of the powerful base feeds such overflow of energy into the flesh that the body is lifted involuntarily in the air and hurled into a perpetual cosmic orgasm. Dancers twirl and spin into a frenzy as they spray sweat into their orbit. Dust rises from the ground with each harmonic buildup and glistening bodies emerge in a fog of vibrating particles. Laser beams pierce the darkness and Earth quakes under stomping feet. All life's problems are trampled to bits as souls rise to the heavens and primal screams escape from every single nerve end. Heads tilt up to the sky, eyes water with joy and jaws shiver with ecstasy. Once again, we prove to the world and to the skeptics that we are indeed ALIVE! We celebrate life with a vengence. Like I said, it's all about attitude.

We only need to remember that raves are NOT a way of life. They are a ritual. An exercise for the soul as well as the body. We need to realize that the monolith we climbed the night before was only there to inspire us. We cannot take it to work with us for moral support and we cannot hide behind it to avoid life's strict requirements. We also need to accept that not everyone can, or wishes, to be a part of our ritual. We need to respect others for choosing different paths and not be disappointed if we are not accepted by them. Despite the overwhelming strength we draw from raving, we have to be the first to admit that we're no better than anyone else. If we are to promote peace, love, unity and respect we need to accept all others before we expect them to accept us. Did I mention it's all about attitude?



Absolutely Incredible! I've never before read something that quite captures the magic of a rave. I've always said things like 'they give ravers a chance to let the world know that they are alive' but i could never write in depth.

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Ramy, you are a true poet. I've thought about defining raves in such a way before, but I've never quite described the raving experience with such eloquence or completeness as you have here. Now I know what to tell people when they say things like "How is that any fun for you?" and "What do you get out of those things?" Thank you for helping me express to everyone how I feel, because now I can just say "Go to Ramy will show you."

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I found your article extraordinary. I got chills while reading the first part about walking up to a desert party. I am just a beginning raver. I was a punk for a long time, until my friends convinved me to go to Minnie the Techno Kitty a few months ago. I fell in love. I don't do drugs, I just love to dance. I have always hated dancing. But glow sticking, liquid, and "kick-dancing", are like art and I get such a great feeling from all of it. Thanks a lot for the article. I am in the Air Force now and I cant wait to come back to Az. Thanks again.

Rich Hammons
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Ramy you truly are a genuis, i have never and will never hear such a wonderful way of describing a rave. You have touched my soul without even touching me at all :) ok well I think that most people think that rave are all about drugs! I had someone tell me that the only reason that he came to parties was for the drugs and that it was the only reason to go to a party. I told him to go home and when he finally comes out of his bubble and realizes what the scene is really about then come talk to me. People need to stop comming to do drugs and forget how they really are and come to except Peace in their heart and come back with a new perspective so that they can really experience the scene.

I know who I am and I don't NEED drugs to make me happy or to make me love everyone around me , I can experience XTC without even taking any drugs. Yes I do XTC but I don't do every time I go to a party. I can go to a party sober and have just as much fun as i would messed up. I love you all PLUR!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Heart Bunny
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...:::*** ITS LONG BUT READ IT ANYWAY!!!***:::...

Ramy, you are so awesome!!! I love the way you write. It's so colorful and full of personality. YOU SHINE!!!...(and where can I get a copy of that?)

A lot of the scene is over run by people who take it for granted or people who bitch about the people who take it for granted. All I know is what I know. I love to dance, I love to smile and make other people smile and I love to be loved and love in return. I think you captured the essence of a rave beautifully. Especially considering the fact you included that it is a getaway (except for the people who base their careers on it,of course).

I am also a HUGE fan of the AZ scene. I really think I might have started taking parties for granted if not for the love and family feeling I get when I go in AZ. (props to all my kids in AZ, I love ya!) Especially the desert parties, cause you really ARE removed from society. Physically as well as mentally. Even if they are a little dirty. Maybe we could get someone to invest in some turf or tarp or something. but I digress...

Although I don't take the idea of a rave with me to work, the thought of it keeps me going. I'm not addicted to anything but music, and the freedom I feel when I hear it and decipher it with my movements transends any chemical I could injest. Just the thought that I may share that with other people or make someone's day by smiling at them or giving them a hug. In this 3 foot bubble most of society has built around themselves individualy, it's a GREAT escape. And we're all one, with a bubble around all of us at a party. Did that make sense? I hope so.

It's been said before and I'll say it again. Love the music not the drugs... cause love is a verb. (I added that last one myself) =oD

Keep it real good with the feel good, know what I'm sayin.

Much Love,

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Ramy, What you wrote was wonderful, I have been attending parties for the last 4 years and I've watched it go through many diffrent phases. Im glad that you took the time to let everyone know what it is about and not what everyone thinks it's about. I think that we should try to educate the younger generations who are coming in, and make sure that they are doing it for all the right reasons, and not the wrong. Thanks for doing that

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Ramy, You truely know how to capture the essence of why a party is called a Rave! I have been going to raves since the summer of 96. The party seen out here is great, and the people are full of spirit and have a true love for techno. I started off as just a party kid with some of my friends, but as i evolved and got older I became a Dj and premoter for the AZ rave seen. Some of the things that you have mentioned in you article realy got me to think, you made me relize how innocent the rave sccne can be, and that party kids and glow stickers will alway's dance too a progressive beat. You are a true visionary!

Your inspired friend Essiccs....


you are an honor to all of us kids who really love the scene. I dont think anyone else could document it with the same honesty and sincerety that you have=]


I most recently talked to you at tranceformation on the hill watching the beautiful sunrise.

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This article was amazing. While I read it it gave me flash backs of the few past raves I went to. I'm a begining raver as well. People are always asking me why I go to raves, but I can't explain it. I just tell them that they have to experiance it for themselves. It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. I just want to thank you for explaining to people where we come from.

P.S. Rave safe ravers.

Much Luv,
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Ramy, omg!! you are the besst!! i could have never been able to express my feelings about partys that way!! i always just say "i just like the people" or "the musik brings out the inner me" or sumthin like that. i cant even start to tell you how amazing that was!! next time someone askes me why i go to raves i will tell them to look it up on your page!! =) i lubberz you! =)

~*~princess elmo~*~
oo princess [email protected]

Let me just say chills, increased heart rate and a feeling of inner peace. This is what my soul receives from raves, although today my body graciously took in this vibe from the strength of your words alone. Thank you for such a beautiful description of the world we can always call home.

Keep it alive and always together.
Love the music & each other,

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Anyone who says that raves are all about drugs has never been to a good one. It's all about uniting through music. Techno music is not heard, its felt. It is all about peace and love. Everyone always gets along and usually you make a new friend or two. They should be kept going for the true raver. I've been partying for 4 years now, and the scene has gone downhill. We need to bring back up the understanding of the people so that raves can continue and be fun and safe for all.

Keep rave alive

God that was a perfect description of the feelings of raving. I could not agree with you more. That it what raves are all about. It makes me upset to see the way that the media depicts raves. They describe them as a place where people just do drugs in mass groups, when it is really about the music and PLUR. I will admit that drugs may sometimes take part in raves, but drugs are everywhere anyway.

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First of all, I want to say that Ramy, that was a beautiful article, and you are a very talented writer. Your article brought a smile to my face, you captured the real magic & beauty of a rave.

Second of all, I was reading some of the feedback on here, and I read this line, "I think that we should try to educate the younger generations who are coming in..." Well, I myself am only 15 years old and I have just recently gotten into the scene. I don't believe raves are only about the drugs, and to say that the younger generation is basically uneducated is not fair. I have never even gone to a rave without being sober actually. I know that their are people out there that say they go for the drugs and all, but it's not fair to blame every one of us younger ravers who are just getting into the scene. I think it is a beautiful thing that we all can come together and dance and share such an experience together. I really feel love for these people. Too share such feelings with people I have never met before is something I have never known until I came into the scene. Well, what I'm really trying to say here is, don't blame us younger ravers, we can feel the scene without being on drugs. Always p.l.u.r.

Much Love,
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I agree! We can't blame the younger ravers for the drug problem. It's true that generally a lot of younger kids try E at raves and when they do, usually it's a lot more obvious (over the top) than the more reserved and experienced older ravers. BUT... where do you suppose the younger kids learned about doing drugs? From the older ravers, of course. What we need to do is to educate each other from an eye level perspective, without sounding preachy or judgmental. Only "we" can tell each other the real truth about drugs without sounding like a government propaganda machine and without the vengeful back hand of the "law". We ALL get enough blame from above. We shouldn't be pointing fingers and fighting each other. Don't let them divide and conquer us! Let's join forces instead and let the higher powers prevail - the power of love and the power of music.


Thank you Ramy
I don't want to make this into some kind of huge debate, where everyone will be posting and fighting but I just have to say....Look at how the rave scene is being exploited by shows like Dateline, and they're making money off of it. We ourselves don't need to be exploiting the scene even more. While we're being stereotyped by everyone out there who doesn't know what the scene is about. I'd like to thank Ramy for writing the article and truly showing that rave scene is not about just going to another party to get messed up on drugs. That's how the media depicts the rave scene, and that is because it captures these type of ravers who don't know what it's really all about, and it's just fueling the fire.

The scene is disintegrating because all of us in the scene are treating it like its no big deal that EVERYONE is on drugs, I don't want to point any fingers and fight eachother either, and we do need to basically educate one another and not let the scene be exploited any longer, or exploit it ourselves.

We really need some unity..along with peace, love and respect for the scene.

Much Love,
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Ramy, it is the people like you that have really captured and realized the true essence of the rave scene. The article sent chills up my spine, for your words articulated the feelings in every raver`s mind and heart. I live in AZ and have been raving for 2 years. From my very first rave to my most resent, I have been in love with the scene. Your article put into words my thoughts and feelings. I was especially glad to hear you enjoy our rave scene. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your article I only hope that your article will inspire all of us to put our thoughts onto paper and share them with the world. Lately the police have been on our cases here in AZ and the general public is looking down on all the ravers and it is up to all the ravers, everywhere, to show the public that we are more than "pathetic drug addicts" as the police call us in AZ . I also wanted to thank everyone who has responded and I want all of you to know that if any of you are in the area my door is always open and a ride is always waiting to take us to the scene, so e-mail me and I will hook you all up! AZ sends love to one and all! I love each and every one of you!

Baby -K
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Well done people. I have been engineering at raves in the UK for over 12 years now and it's good to see the original feelings coming back round once more. It reminds me of hanging around service stations on the motorway waiting for the promoter to turn up and then leading several thousand people to a secret site where myself and colleages would have less than an hour to set up a quite sizeable sound system. Dodging the police was just one part of the experience and several times we would find are selves spending a night at her majesty's pleasure with the gear impounded. On reflection this just added to the experience and would not like it any other way. As for E's, these were instrumental in triggering the UK rave seen. This culture has slowly died out. The music itself has become mainstream and the whole thing is now one big commercial rip off.

Keep it under raps!

Chris H
chris.hinds@famous loudspeaker

whats up az!!!! i think we are here to spread P.L.U.R. in fact, i know thats why we are here. we arent here to cause drama in peoples lives, or give any one who come to raves a bad vibe. i enjoy raves a whole lot, and i respect everyone at raves. the rave scene is here so people can enjoy them selves and have a good time. also you can meet new people, make a grip of friends, and have a bomb time. well, sorry this article is so short and all, but i'm leaving in a few to japan. wish me luck:) P.L.U.R. oh yeah, thanks to all those people who were there for me to experience the rave scene: SPLIF-E, LITTLE-B, ERIC, FRANK, WIZARD-E, JERM-LOC, TIGGER, SHORTIE, and all those other kool kats i forgot to write down:) peace out and i'll see you fools in 2 years:) BE READY!!!:)


** RaMy **,

that was a really dope story that you wrote, that got to me in a way i cant explain. raves mean alot of different things, i have noticed that the rave scene has changed ALOT! and not many people are happy about that. there are new people comming into the scene which is the best. but they are also bringing unhaappy faces along with it! it seems like latly all that has been in the scene is about drugs! and thats not what raves are about! they are about getting to know each other and looking and meeting knew people that you would have never thought you would have meet before! well.. thanx ramy for keeping the scene alive and for the great story that meant alot to alot of us! ** peace, love ** <3 fOrEvEr <3~> stephanie


dat wuz awesome i'm new to da scene and i wuz punk for a long time. and i wuz hooked after walking in da door and hearing da muzik thumpin and da good vibez all around. i luv da az scene and thanx to all da peepz who made it ggreat for meh. tigger, pooh-bear, little tigger, allison and mah new friend spleez-e. we miss you and cant wait to dance wit you again.and jojo. much love to all da az raverz and kandee kidz. pLuR alwayz

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Ramy I like what you have to say and you bring out the true scene. I have Been going to raves scenes 1987 there has been a lot of changes. But if all of the old school ravers would just learn to teach these new ravers the old way. We should all learn to love every one as one. Everyone keep on raveing and live life pLuR alwayz.

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I am a die hard raver...have been since I was 13, I am now twenty. I just wanted 2 take the time 2 tell U that after reading your small essay on raves and their people, that U kik azz! i have never met anyone who hit the nail of raving so squarley on the head. I really appreciate U spreading this message 2 others. Once again....thanks alot!!!!!!

Justyn ( a very happy raver)
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I think that people,media and even some times parents think that raves are just places to go get high. and thats what they think all raves are about. but thats the media doing its work by destorying something they don't know about . raves are not all about that . there places to have fun, being with your friends, and dancing .just have a all around fun its all most like being at a clud but theres some different elements you wouldn't see at a club. I'm just so tried of the media and what they say it bull shit


Thanx Ramy for that beautifully accurate description of what makes parties so special. It's words like yours that I know will one day save our scene. WHOA! You're very first line is almost exactly like one I used in a descriptive essay I wrote for school a couple of weeks ago. I'll share it: "Dehydrated and exhausted, in the middle of the desert, dancing alongside hundreds of my closest friends in an oasis of piercing lasers and booming bass, gazing on as the first hint of daylight attempts to reach over the distant mountains......"

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thanks SO much. this is EXACTLY what i have been looking for, for the past few weeks!! i'm in buenos aires (my home is the atlanta rave scene) doing a study abroad and i'm writing a paper for one of my classes on the effects of trance on the culture and comparing it to what i've seen in atlanta. this article will help me SO much. this thanksgiving is my one year anniversary of the my first party ever and i can't believe how much my life has changed in the past year. i already had the basic plur spirit-it's part of who i am naturally-and finding this has helped to define it and make me aware of so much more than just myself. and it's helped me to learn how to keep things in perspective! it's all about the music!!!!!!!!!!

peace*, mu*sic, tolerance!*

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i just wanna say that article was dope. Everyday i get critisicm from people around me all the time asking me why in the hell i rave. Also i get made fun of alllll the time because of my clothes,kandy,neat little toys,etc. I take the critisicm and put it to a better cause like getting good vibes at a party. I don't go to parties for the drugs(partially because i don't do them) i go to have fun, make friends, and feel the music running through my soul as I dance the night away. Too many people these days just really need to understand that us people are the most loving and sincere people around. I dunno. Keep the scene real and alive forever!!!!!!!
luv always the biggest kandy kid.
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dream krew yeah you know!!!!
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I agree with most of what you have said and I love the eloquence with which you describe the scene, however, I think that you have missed the mark in part in your last paragraph describing raving as a ritual. The meaning of a rave is ultimately in the eye of the beholder and the experience is unique to every individual. Thus, there is not one interpretation or a way of generalizing everyone's interpretations, rather there are an infinite number of ways to view the scene and enjoy the experience.

[email protected]

Sorry if it sounded like I was speaking for everyone else. This was just a description of an experience, like describing a taste or a sound or any feeling. Maybe subconciously I wanted to make it sound subjectively positive to counteract all the negative attacks on the rave scene (from inside and out). I'll pay more attention to be more objective next time.

I AM glad you liked the rest of it:)

whoa! yes it was long as hell but felt like heaven geez that was wonderful,wicked and just plan extraordinary!!!wow that was just the one thing i was waiting for alll damnnn day!! thanx

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That witch you wrote sent chills down my spine it brought me back to a place i havent been in a while becaouse of all the hype. I just want to say I wish more people could wrute like you and I would like to see this writtn in a newspaper some day.

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When Im not at a party, I don't feel as happy. I'm a very angry person often times, and I don't like hugging. That all changes at a party.I realized this one day after a party when my cousin said I looked happy, that it was the first time he saw me truly happy. He had always asked me what I was pasionate about , I didn't know how to explain it, that day he saw it in my eyes. I love the music so much. I love to dance constantly. Tears come to my eyes when I'm there, out of bliss. Tears come to my eyes when I'm not there, out f yearning. I don't know what I would do if it all ended.

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Ramy! Oh my gosh! You are incredible! I have never read anything that captures what a rave really is about untill i read this! You are definetly a true poet. It was amazing. Partys bring happiness and joy into my life. When i am at a party with all of my friends i am truly happy.The rave scene is where i belong, i feel comfort and protection when i am there. Raving is way of expressing yourself...letting other people see "you" and letting them know your passion. Knowing that everyone at that one party has the same passion as you do is an amazing feeling and you have captured it all in this one article. Its amazing! I loved it. keep the scene alive!

luv always,
your little raver-Trixxie*-
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I'm new on the scene, but ever since my first party, I've absolutely loved raves. I know EXACTLY what you mean when you talk about the music, my friends HATE it, but I just can't get enough. I've never heard it expressed so perfectly, you really are a genius. If only more people could understand just what its like...

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i never though of a better way to express the true way a raver is i loved your artical and i am so happy that someone could explain so much.........and the way you wrote it was so poetic...........

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damn ramy! you just expressed exactly how ive felt since i started going, like about the beat and the music... it lifts you up in this euphoric type of trance like thats what you feel you where here for and you can just flow to the music as the rythem takes over your body. and i feel it more deeply than that but i cant find the words like you can to express it. I go for the simple pleasure of PLUR and i hope raves will NEVER die.peace

james the little pot scott
its chollas computer

what up to every raver out there that raves for the soul pourpose of enjoyment of music and PLUR. Ramy I think you are a very talented writer, and you explained exactly how i felt. Ive been wanting to write something that expressed my passion for the rave scene but couldnt find words strong enough. Yours does exactly that, thank you for giving me and everone else your insight on raves. since I started going to raves ive gained a different view on life, i am happy to just be on this earth and i dont let materialistic things bother me, theres no point in getting stressed out and not enjoying what short time you have on this planet. much love to all the true ravers out there.peace.


I wish that I could explain to you in words how much that article helped me. I have so many friends whao don't know what the scene is about, I live in Little Rock AR and people here go for mainly two reasons money or drugs. And I've gotten to the point where I've stopped going because of it. I need to move out of this place or hang out with people who know whats going on. We have fairly big parties with good well known dj's but there for the wrong reasons. Thats about all I have to say but thanks I Love You All. P.L.U.R. peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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I totally got chills in the beggining of the article where the kids were walking to the party. I have NEVER heard someone describe the way parties make you feel the way you did. It was great!!! I sent it to all my raving friends. I hope to see more of your aticles in the future. PLUR!

Damn, this was a damn good article. I've never read anything that could describe the meaning of a rave so eloquently and so beautifully. It really evoked the feelng I get from being there.

PLUR<-----"It's all about the attitude."

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Great article. I hope it continues to inpsire and direct the younger ravers for years to come.
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i think u're article was beautiful took me in2 a full visualization of wat u were talkin about. ur'e article kicks ass dude!!!

rave on n chill n peace!!:)
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Ihave been raveing for about 1 year now. Reading your article brout back many memories and thoughts that i had at my first rave. It was a Az desssert rave it was amaeing. The whole first paragraph about aproaching was EXACTALY WHAT HAPPENED TO ME. The article that you wrote was awsome.

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oh my god....that was sooo beautiful*tear*! i have never read such a more accurit disceription of a rave. like most kids it is soo hard to find the right words to tell people what a rave is all about! they are just like "oh ok well thats your thing. i would never be cought died there!" thats just sooo sad and im like well ok! yes and its not all about the drugs!its about fogetting your probs. for a night and just danceing to music and comming together as a whole!I love taking kids who have never gone and then hearing them say"oh my god that was amazing......i cant wait to go agian! R u guys going next week?" i get this big smile on my face and im just glad to know my "Culter" had the same impact on my friends as it did me! :)I live the az scene and i look forword to many more awsome parties!!!!

peace and all the love~
and remeber its not about the drugs its about PLUR!!!!!!!!! :)
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I've heard lots of smack talking about the whole rave culture and well your article inspired me to show people what this culture really is and to let people go and expierence their soul feeling like its being reborn again .


wonderful. i just love the way you captured the spirit of the rave. i could have never written something like that. i coulndt agree with u more!

glow 4ever


[email protected]

That was grate. ultra 4 is this weedend and im so happy. my name is yoshi, and i love to dance/poi. i love this site, i think the scene is all about the music cuz i no i am. if any one reading this is going to ultra, ill be the kande kid with the bid fuzzy yellow pants on and a yellow shirt.

dude, thats one of the best articles ive ever read about a party, you truly captured the vibe of the whole thing, im not from arownd, i go to the partys over at the Dominican Republic, im looking for some partys here, so man, please write. Joy

Hey Ramy,

Your words really resonated with me. It's like you captured the essence of a genuine rave and propelled it into cyberspace. My favourite part was:

"the relentless beat of the powerful base feeds such overflow of energy into the flesh that the body is lifted involuntarily in the air and hurled into a perpetual cosmic orgasm." HELL YEAH!!!

I have added a trip to Arizona, to party in the desert, onto the agenda of my life!!

PLUR aplenty,
mewz :)
Canberra, Australia

Absolutly the best description of a rave ever. I couldn't put it into any better words nor do I know anyone that could. Your description of the rave would draw any non raver and make them want to experiance the fullness of life that ravers do. Rave on

You couldn't of said it better. I love this article. Next time someone says somthing tiring like "why do you rave" or "raves are for drugies" I'm telling them to look this up. I've been raving for 4 years now and nothing beats the underground. My best times were spent in the desert with 50 or so closeknit ravers all there for the same reason...P.L.U.R. A mature group full of good vibes and without the worry of someone over doing it. Yes, I've done drugs at a couple raves but for the majority I didn't because my drug of choice is already provided at the rave...the music. Thank you Djs for taking me through so many journeys throughout the night. Progressive and psychedelic trance brings me up and won't let me go. The best part is when the music breaks and everyone feels it as one. That is what keeps you coming back for more, not drugs. I really hope the younger ones will have the true rave experience and understand it. If your going to mess up the vibe please take it somewhere else like the local club up the street, but not here. Then maybe the authorities will back off so we can all enjoy it again worry free.

Much love,

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Frist I would like to say I loved you article it explaned so much! I live in Victoria BC, and im a 16 year old female. I love just going to raves I just started going. I never belived it was that fun! Just everything around you was so amazing its like a feeling you just cant explain. There arnt to many raves here so I try to go as much as I possibly can.

People say that parents are always saying bad things about raves. Well not to long ago my dad was giving me a lecture about raves and saying there all about drugs and s***. So I told him to come with me to a rave and man he had such a good time. It was so funny just watching :)

Sorry im just rambling on and on. If anyone knows any good raves weather there in Canada or not please E-mail me

Again Ramy I loved your article im gonna tell all my friends about it. IF I know my friends they will tell there friend and so on and so forth. And I know they willl ove it thanx for the article again it was awsome.

Love MistyDecember 6, 2002

wow mAN that was amazing.just reading those notes makes my mind travel into the past

Hello there !! i m from the Dominican Republic and i want to anunce that all the electric crowd here suport your article cause it is so especific and confortable to our style... this is life, is the music for the world, the music for the new generation and here in the island we are truly conscientiosly of that.. thanks..AND REMENBER DON T TAKE LIFE TOO SERIOUSLY ! P.L.U.R.

Oh my gosh you are a GENIUS!!! That is exactly how i feel about raves!!!!! thank you for spelling it out cause when i try to explain to people what raves really are about i could never quite say exactly how i fell about it cuz its just too big to explain or put into words. You are a true poet i thank you and we all should revere you. :)

Dude, you caught the full point of what never could be explained, or told to another person that isn't involved in the scene... That is what I try to get my parents to understand, that I live for music, like it is my oxgyen, my drug... My life

yea ramy you really did it just like all those other posts ..this aricle means alot to me and probably the whole az scene ....hit me up man with love... DJ NOTE TUCSON AZ UNDERGROUND DRUMZ

I agree with most this article except...if you know the music then you'd know tekno is a genre of electronic and electronic is all if it. Just thought you should know. A lot of ppl call it tekno, but that is just one of the oldest forms. But I agree with most the article. Now you know and a lot of people still don't know that, but this music is my life and has been for 11 years now. Peace!

Yeah i am about 2 start becoming a dj.i luv listening 2 trance and i hope 2 make it a job or hobbie.i thinks it's fun mixing songs together.just the feeling i get when it soundz awesome iz great!i have alwayz wanted 2 dj and now i have the money 4 it!look out world here comes a some new talent!

MeXcAn SaUcE

Webster himself could not have more accurately depicted what a rave truly is.  

this article is probably one of theee most best articles i've read about raves! kudos to you my friend.

It gives very much detail to how truly a rave is like. any kind of techno is good for me from ambient to happy hardcore it's a bunch of fun just dancing and letting your soul take you places. The colors, flashing lights, the magical effect of the dance floor makes me want to just get on up and rave down myself.

Living life is what we do, and we should celebrate it everyday with a rave or two don't you agree?

: D


Raving is my life. Im 16 years old and have been goin to Raves since i was 12, my god-brother was always associated with Raves... so he would always take me with him. for the past 4 years i have never had anything slipped into my drinks maybe because i always keep it close to me and if i let it go for even a second i would always just get another one MYSELF.

I say that if u have never been to a rave before, GO its so much fun... once u go to one in a matter of mins. of being there u will fall in love with it.


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