By Amy

Why do people do it? Who knows, why do we take a bath? That would be some people's answers. Its crazy when you think. I never would have tried something like that in a million years, but then two weeks later. Hey you've done it along with an assortment of other drugs. It's the best feeling in the world, and I never could explain it to someone. But i know it will take its toll in a few years and it will all come back to haunt me. But is it all worth it and why do people do it. Maybe for a good time, a different high or maybe for their first time.


Some people will never do drugs and will be just fine without them. Others will try them and will end up dead. Yet some will do them over the years and will live a long, happy life. It's NOT for everyone but it IS a personal choice for all.

So, why do it? Why at all? The answer is very simple: It's the same answer to all the other choices we make in life. Look back at the results with an objective and honest point of view and weigh your benefits against your losses. Your answer is in the footsteps you leave behind: How much did you get out of the party last night? Did you truly absorb and enjoy the music? Did you understand what it was trying to say and do? Or did you treat the music only as background noise for a high? Did the venue look like it was packed with intelligent people who cared about their environment or was it littered with debries and vomit?

The way we approach and handle ecstasy or any other drug indicate the degree of our wisdom and responsibility. If we take this for granted and abuse it we will simply suffer. It won't matter why we took it in the first place when we can't remember the reason in the end, does it?


The people in this world who decide on their own to do drugs are not all idiots without responsibility. I have met many people at parties who come from colleges all around the world to hear certain dj's and these students are not at all stupid. Because of their decision to take drugs for the purpose of staying awake, being able to dance for longer periods of time, and being more alert to hear the dj they came miles to see; you have to sereotype them as just "getting high" and not even listening to the music. Yes, I am sure there are some ravers out there like that, but the fact is, is that if you've ever been to a real rave where some are on drugs and some aren't, you'll notice the sheer love for the music by everyone at the venue. No matter how hard people try to make drugs sound horrible, they are still going to be around. Instead of focusing on all the people who do do drugs, write articles on those who don't and maybe you'll get a better reaction from the population. The more articles written on certain drugs will lead to more people wanting to try them and users wanting more. Let the people who make their own decisions to do drugs do them and learn their lesson and stop exposing the ones who don't to all the more reason to do it; just to see what everyone is talking about.

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Why would someone do a drug they have NO long term knowledge of? Its simple really cause reality loses meaning. You sit at your desk day after day at work, or in school listening to that repetative lecture you've hear a million times and you wish to yourself "I wish I could be somewhere else, or I wish I could be someone else." Well thats what the drug does to you.

When you take Ecstacy, or X, you become whomever you want. You no longer look at someone you think is attractive and think "wow, if I could only talk to her/him." You now decide wether it'd be fun or not to walk over there. Your basis for reality and fantasy becomes a mush and you can open your mind to whatever your dreams can hold. All your senses, other than balance, become heightened. Being touched isn't annoying anymore, you like "Damn, Touch my back again." I guess to its simplest nature, drugs in general are a way to escape you.

Now to answer a question, but why do it when you know the risks? People dont care about the far future in general, they care about now and their happiness. If someone wants to committ suicide they aren't thinking "but in 20years maybe my life will be great!" they are thinking "my life now is to hard to live" and these drugs provide a way for people to escape their daily lives and be who-ever they want to be. A sorta morpheus in their own worlds.

Dave K
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I totally agree with what Dave K said, because it is true for some epople... but that is only SOME. I have taken E a bunch, not to say that it was more that twenty pills, like some people i know, but i've done my share. I know from talking to people and experiencing the drug that it is different for every one. I don't believe that people should necessarily voice oppinions as strongly as we do. because all the bad that people talk about it isn't true . but we also shouldn't have others going around saying how great it is. (not to offend any of those who have) I used to rant on and on about how awesome it is. but i've noticed that the ranting and braggin has done nothing but confuse people or get them into trouble because they've been pursuaded to do it. I wish i could pursuade people to not be so forcefull with their oppinions about drugs such as E. especially those who try to get people to do it all the time. I have nothing against the drug at all. My opinion about how i feel, when i do it, will be kept to me. I just hope that there are less people voicing their opinions upon others as there are now. thanks to those who understand me.

much luv to y'all -n- the scene

Drugs, Hmm, an interesting and somewhat unclear subject... I personally believe that drugs, in general, and specifically E, raise one's perceptions to the depth of the music as well as the "vibe" put forth by the party-go'ers.. I have also rolled several people for the first time all with positive results... The intensity of the experience and the bonds I formed with these people, now some of my dearest friends, will forever remain one of the highest points of my adult life... That said, I would not think any less of someone who chose to party sober simply because each person must interpret the experience on whatever level they desire.. I firmly believe individuals don't find the scene, but rather the scene finds the individual when they are ready to fully accept what it is we have here... So please, don't hate drugs you don't understand, and understand what us "addicts" are really all about... Above all remember, no matter what, I still love you all...

Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect
Jonathan Rapisarda
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Why drugs? Well why not. Life is full of choices, each choice you make has consequences. You need to understand all of the consequences of your choices; good and bad, long term and immediate, before you can make an intellegent decision. The stereotypes in movies and TV, such as Anthony Spicolli in "Fast Times at Rigemont High", have a basis inreality. People burn out their brains and lose perspective of life and reality using drugs. What seems cool now will has the ability to become a roadblock to future success and happiness. The choice to use drugs, of any kind, is yours and yours alone. Choose carefully the path you take because it may lead you to a place you do not wish to go or can come back from.


I say it's all about the MUZIK, but y not make it better? If you want to take something, that's ur choice. If you get hurt, then that's ur responsibility. So just be safe, have fun, but please remember--if u go to raves for 1 purpose--to roll or fry or whatever, then ur not a true raver...Cuz it's all about the MUZIK & that's it...

*~>SyKo 1<~*~>DiX~oF~RaGe<~*
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Very very true. And that's one of the things that's killed raving and that is giving ravers a bad image. how people will only go to the parties for drugs, or like whatever. The drugs are available to open yourself more to each and every vibe that the music has to give. A Rave is a stress-reliever, a one-night getaway of reality, whether u decide to go sober or not. A rave is an artificial paradise for the ones wise enough and smart enough to accept it and go along with it. Like seriously, I'm not dissing young people, cuz I wuz young too, but what the hell are 13year old kids doing at raves, sober or not??? Sober eventually, if they're there for the music like if they'd go to a concert? I live in Ottawa, Canada's Capital City, and i recently had to carry out this 13 year old kid to the ambulance because within 20min, he snorted 2 pills of E, a cap of pcp, and some special k. N0w what the hell? I could do it all myself in one night and easily handle it, but I've been raving for at least 2 years, and this kid was probably at his first rave, and his only idea was to get fucked up.

Weird eh?
Anyways PLUR keep on partyin'
Nick J.
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ok everybody has there different opinion on E for my self Ihave taken over 200 pills in the lasy 4 years. I have been clean now for 9 months. To me when im at party fucked up or not i still have my fun. No you dont need it to have a good time but for some people like myself it helps me feel the music. Now im kinda a well known Dj I have tracs on napster,Cds in stores and i know that when i rolled i spunn better than i everhad before because i could feel the music and all these people saying well they just go to raves to get fucked up may be true for some people but fr like 99% of the people it is for the music.. Yea e is bad just like any other drugs but they are not gonna keep people from doing what they want ..WE dont tell them how to live their lives so dont let them tell you how to live yours ......Peace and keep on Partying

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i personaly believe that what you do is your choice. If your gonna do drugs thats up to you i however wont unless i know what im putting into my body and what it will do to me. with E you never know. thats why im not sure if i will ever do it. ive gone to raves sober while all my friends are on something and i start wanting to do it cause they seem to be haveing so much fun, and then ive gone to raves where everyone is sober and ive had just as much fun as someone thats trippin. its all in your mindsetting, but i think that raves would be alot better off if people left the drugs at home. raves are fun without all the drugs and people need to understand that cause thats not what there about.

little pot
cholla high

I've been raving for a couple of years now, and I've never given into the "lure of E". But the last rave that I went to I said to myself, "Why not?". It's not that everybody else was doing it, but it was that I wanted to experience what they all were talking about. It truley was an experience. It may sound bad but I liked it. It's not for everyone. In all actuality there are some people that should just flat out stay away from it. The media only puts out the stories of the kids that die from dehydration (if you're smart, you would know that you should have been taking care of yourself and drinking lots of H2O) and the kids that take lethal doses of it. But where are all the stories of the kids that are raving save and sober and just having a good time. Yes the scene is very much influenced by the drug use that goes on there, but hey, what scene these days don't have anything wrong with them. I love to rave, I love all the PLUR and everything about it. For me, the scene isn't about the dugs it's about the people and the music. That's it and that's all. Life is about choices and it's your choice to take E or not to. It's not necessary to have a good time, but if you want to do it, go for it.

PLUR<-----that's what it's all about people!!!!!
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everyone judges the drug before they even try it. i know its not the best thing to be doing but we should enjoy our lives while we still have the time to. i really don't think that they should ever legalize it just for the fact that its the sneeking around that makes it more fun. if they start allowing us to do it then everyone will start and it will become to common and unfun! but i think that everyone should at least try it once befor they start to judge!!

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I believe that people should make their own judgement call when it comes to drugs.They shouldn't be pressured into doing it by friends they should want to do it. Sometimes it's a fun experience and others may not be.You should at least try it once.You may get something out of it besides the great effects. i think sometimes it opens your mind to things and lets you look at life in a differn't perspective.That doesn't mean drugs are ment for everyone remember some drugs effect people differntly.be cautious to what u are taking and make sure you do know the side effects.

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Sure, it's all about the music. But the music is designed, engineered, and produced to sound it's best to a e-user. Generation Ecstacy (Simon Reynolds) is quite clear on this. If you haven't listend to this music while rolling, you simply havn't heard it yet.


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So, why would anyone ever want to use drugs to be happy? why not? people do other things that give them highs, if its throwing a football or racing a car, its all the same. you do it for the hell of it. i'm just saying it is a personal choice and i know i have enjoyed the rave scene extremely. for outsiders, they think its just a bunch of druggies getting their jollies, but for the raver, its an underground society where everyone is an equal and you know thatpeople will be there for you. even if you don't know them. I know alot of the rave is about the music and you can get into it, but for me, i love the experience of going to a rave and just knowing that everyone in that room is down with you and nobody is there to slam you back down to the real world. happiness is just a state of mine and i will find mine so i hope you find yours.


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I have done E many many times. I don't do just because it's a drug, I do it because I think people can learn a lot about themselves and about others. I feel that I have grown as a person and I feel much more in touch with my surroundings. If you go into looking for just a high, you are doing it for the wrong reason. I wish everyone could know the feeling. Also after doing, even while sober I can transcend myself to that same general euphoria. All I have to say is "Don't abuse it, it can carry much love in proportion".

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brendon...the hippie....

thats what i felt! although i started it because it was a buzz....i felt like i was growing as a person, understading the universe more blah blah blah, i realised its all bullshit! my mind was deteriating, not expanding, my head was messing up, its a mental addiction!i know so many ppl who thought all of this, i stopped b4 i went 2 far, they are now out of this world, they talk so much shit its un real! they have the most bizzarre beliefs! i am an open minded person, believe me, but some of these ppl i know will never be the same again, theyve pushed themselves over the edge looking 4 the andswer! its crazy! they will never fully come back 2 reality again!

i do do ecstacy, its fantastic, but u really have 2 know what your taking, and how its changong you and messin with your system!

I have done ecstasy many times. The music is really what it is all about and it does help you learn about yourself and others. I also personally think it is one of the greatest highs besides acid:)


ive been raving for about two yrz now n ive taken e a few tymz .. n i can say that wen ur on e it gives the rave a so much betta vibe. and its soo easy jus to make friendz n talk to everyone !! althought ppl reckon every1 at ravez r drug fukd but thatz only from all the lil 13n 14 yr oldz who cant handle their pillz

I'll be perfectly honnest. I do E because of the feeling it gives me. Who would ever want to give up a feeling of euphoria? It makes me feel happy, and closer to people. I have really bad ADD, and with this I can sit and talk to people, even total strangers, for HOURS and be perfectly content and relaxed. I love the state of mind I fall into, and I love being that connected to someone, no matter how false it may be. To some people I just look stupid, and they think its a bad idea, but to me I make connections that last forever. Some one said "everyone is an equal and you know that people will be there for you. even if you don't know them" and its so true. I met some of my best friends at Raves, people who Id never met before in my life, who took care of me because they saw I was having a hard time. Thats why I do it and thats why I go. For those people and those feelings.


For me the E is there to hieghten the experience, to feel that huge hand left you up, to engage everyone around you on a euphoric level, you don't need to say anything to anyone they just know by the smile on your face and the bouncing in your feet. Yes there are people that have no respect for drugs in general and eventually they will bite you in the arse if you abuse them just like if you abuse anything, however as long as you keep in moderation and are sensible, you know within yourself your bodies limits just don't go over that brink. Personally I wouldn't do more than 4 E in an all night session cos I'm pretty small and know how it effects me. Everything in MODERATION and everyone should be fine have a jolly good time at whatever rave wherever you are and muchos muchos peace and love.

[Peter Jennings - Ecstasy Rising] look up this video on google. = ] tells you the background on E. = ] and people do have to be smart when dropping E. just like you have to be smart when you're drinking. know your limit and what you're "drinking".

Ive done all sorts of drugs. I believe that maybe I have learned a little bit more about myself and I believe doing a psychedelic like pure mdma has really helped me to better understand where I am in my life. Some people may think that "bombs" are bad but thats only if you get pips in your pills. I have not only studied up on XTC but I know which pills are good and which arent.

Had a friend in College (mom a life long Christian Scientist, which he supolsedpy became, last I heard.) who through his research had access to some pretty pure pharmaceutical stuff.He always claimed that the original (often plant-based) drugs were usually better than "new and improved."Seemed true in those days:Certainly chewing Coca leaves must have been a healthier habit than refined stuff, and recently had a stay at the hospital which luckily has an enlightened pain-management policy.Hard to imagine how morphine could be improved on, at least for me, but feel no "need" for it now that pain is gone.(Worry about living w/o non-steroidals from now on a bit tho, so if you have a post on a safe substitute for those, I would appreciate the tip.)


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