Let me take you on a majic carpet ride, first you must be on 8 hits of acid and going on a couple of hours of sleep, and feel free to add some booze anytime you want. then start thinking about your childhood,...no? you dont want to think about that kind of thing...why not? thats apart of you just as much as this acid is right now. you are going to remeber that just as much as you remeber your childhood in a few years. ok, good i knew you would come around. so lets go back to 4th grade when you and your friends would tease the poor kid that used to sit next to you...whats worst is that he had a crush on you. so what do you do? well being the mean little shit that you are you start with the name calling. well thats not so bad right? ok new majic carpet ride...lets let this one take us back to the ninth grade, and lets examin this poor kid we used to pick on. Yep there is something different about this dude. Where oh where did that hunchback come...thanks to the acid we are aloud to make speculations about where it came from, so we do. could it be after years of torment joesphf flores got so picked on (for no reason might i add) that he just coward into himself, and doesnt look anybody in the eye. ok, so thats pretty bad...but i still want to flip through my yearbook and see who else's life i fucked up. As i kept turning the pages, i saw people that i was close with and never knew what happen to them, people who i have grown up with and now are dead, and people who i still backstab and belittle on occasion. I feel like utter shit, and i know karma is going to come and kick me in the ass. two police officers start walking towards my back porch and start asking me questions....to me they dont even sound like they are speaking english...so i make a complete fool out of myself and they are probably thinking im an idiot on drugs...hehehe...well two seconds later i couldnt handel my shit and i start pucking in my toilet and all i see are colors...bright pinks and electric blues everywhere. didnt know you can throw up on acid...its gross..i start tripping even harder and by morning im so swollen you wouldnt have been able to recognize me. my back hurts and im thinking that im pretty stupid. but i like to rationalize with myself and say that other people out there are doing alot worse things than i am. i dont know what i did to myself...i dont even know if im sane, i mean how can you think your sane if you went through all those fucking mind trips. i deffinatly look at life alot differnt, i even turned a little religious. and i also think ive gained something from my little experience with joeseph flores...i can look at a person read there body language right off the bat, and sometimes even know what their thinking. either you can believe that or you can think that im a person who;s fucked up on acid...and either one you choose...you now know what if feels like to go on a majic carpet ride.