I can still remember my first time trying Ecstasy, this was back in January, my boyfriend is really into the rave scene and we hooked up at the NT 30 party, the new year's party at the ice house (it was my first rave). He often told my friends and I about the bad experience he had when he first rolled. The party got busted just when his roll started. And he told us that we had to try it, it was a fun drug. He was honest he said it had bad stuff in it, but it was fun. So he got us curious. So one night myself, my boyfriend, my ex-roomate, and her ex-boyfriend (they were dating at the time), we all decided to go to a party that he said would be fun. Well it was a private party and when we got in there were only like 20-25 people there. The vibe sucked, and we were really wanting to go. Then my man suggested that we get some pill and go home and roll. Well we were uneasy at first, but finally gave in. Within 5 minutes we had four yellow clovers and were on our way home. Well we got home and sat around the dining room table with our pill sitting in front of us and a gallon of water in the middle of the table. Everyone was just sitting there, so finally I decided to just take to pill. Well everyone just watched me as I swallowed the water, and I will never forget the taste of the pill. I sat back and yelled "That was the nastiest thing that I ever had in my mouth!" They all laughed at me. So everyone else started taking their pills and they all agreed the it was a horriable taste, but it was to late, the party had started. Well for the next few minutes we all sat there waiting, my boyfriend explaned to us that they take time to kick in. So we decided to put in a movie to pass the time. I was laying on the floor wraped in a fuzzy warm blanket with my boyfriend sitting behind me.(f.y.i. He was the last to pop his pill) Then he started to rub my butt. I asked him "What are you doing?" then he told me that my blanket was so soft and he just kept on rubbing it. We all jumped up and asked "Are you rolling yet?" He told us he didn't think so, but as he was saying this he was rubbing his head on my blanket. So then he asked if we were rolling? My girlfriend's man shut off the tv and we asked if he was feeling anything. He just got this big smile on his face and started laughing. Then my girlfriend trampled him as her roll started kicking in. I was pissed. I got up and told them all to fuck off. They all looked like thay were having so much fun that I wanted to start rolling. I was yelling at them and they told me to give it some time. Well that was not good enough so I'm standing in our kitchen yellling "Fuck you all, this sucks, why did I get a bad pill, I hate you all for rolling, I took mine first, why am I not rolling!" I was so mad. Then my roomate told me that I would not be getting this upset if I was sober. Then I calmed down looked around the room and started rolling my ass off. It was the best feeling that I have ever had, it was the best drug, we all sat in the room turned out all the lights, and just tripped with the black light on. We had gloves and pacifers. And I would not give my pacifer up for my life. My boyfriend and my roomate we feeling the fuzzy poster on the wall and I was just dancing and having the time of my life. The my roomate and her man went into the bed room to fool around. And my boyfriend and I just talked, while I smoked my cigs (and those were the best things that I ever smoked). That night he told me that he loved me, and I replied "That is so sweet, tell me again when I'm sober so that I can remember" My roomate and her mad came out of the bedrooma and my roomate yelled "Oh my god, you have to give your man a blow job it's so fucking cool", I just laughed and we sat again eating pudding cups, that was so cool. All night long we just thanked my boyfriend for bringing this beautiful drug into our lives. That was the only way I could explain how I was feeling it was beautiful. I cried because I never wanted to come down. I told him that I wanted to roll forever. I've done it again a few time, but no other pill was as good as my first, my wish is to do those pills again. Well that's my story I hope you like it.

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