My first time rolling was one of my favorite life expeirences. I went to Earth dance 99" with my friends, and I didn't know what I was in for. I got to the rave and my friend asked my if I wanted to take a pill. I replied, "sure, why not." So I ended up taking a UFO, and waited for about an hour. I couldn't tell if I was rolling or not, so I took another, a white clover.

That was when all the fun begain, it was my first rave, totally new expeirinece. Everyone was so cool, I had a lot of fun. But anyways, some guy asked me (after I took the other pill) if I had rolling papers, I did. So we went inside this big ass speaker box with a couch inside it and smoked out, and BAM! That was when my roll really kicked in, I was just feeling the vibe of the bass from the box through my whole body, and I felt all tingly and fuzzy. I stumbled out of the speaker box with the biggest smile on my face, it was bad. I remeber thinking I just want to think happy thoughts for the rest of my life. Then I went and found my friends, walking felt like I was just floating through the rave.

Basically, It was fucking fun. Taking two pills for my first was the best way to roll.