I still remember my first time rolling. What everyone says is true. The first time is always the best.

First a little background. My cousin ( an old DJ from San Francisco ) just moved back into town 3 months ago. So he moves into his new apartment, hooks up with a girl there, and her mom goes out of town, so we throw a party at her house for all the people from the apartment complex to meet each other.

I'm sitting there with a Corona Extra in my hand when all of a sudden this guy, at least twince my age ( I'm only 15 ) walks up to me and hands me a pill. 'Here ya go bro, have some fun' he says. I look at my cousin all worried. He says 'just take it dude, don't worry, I'll take care of you.'

So I hand this guy Steve 20 bucks and lean back in my chair. it's only 11:00 PM but for some reason I'm getting tired. I close my eyes. When I open them again it's midnight and the party is raging. There had to be at least 200 people there. I realize I've been sitting here talking to this girl who's 19 and just moved to Arizona from Minnesota. Wow Minnesota. She tells me about how she came from a Bible thumping town that had a name I can't even pronounce when I'm sober. So I give her 20 bucks and Steve has her rolling in no time flat.

About this time I pass out again, and tell Michael, my cousin, I am feeling sick. So he tells Steve who calls up his friends. Two really hot girls show up with strobe lights and glow sticks. They take off my shirt and start rubbing this oil all over my body while dancing for me. I sit there for what has to be at least a couple of hours just drooling all over myself as they give me a full body massage and explain to me that I am rolling. Apparently I didn't realize I was, and I had been passing out a lot.

My pulse was fading fast and I could barely open my eyes. I heard someone mention taking me to the hospital. Then I hear my cousin tell them no, he would take care of me. Before I realize it I'm having a great time again, back up on my feet and dancing with these girls. The rest of the night flies by and I lay down to sleep off the few hours remaining before I have to go home to my parents.

It's been a month now since the first time I rolled. I will never forget that first night, my first adventure into the land of serious drugs. I think this has to be the best night of my life that I have ever had. Nothing can even come close to the first time you take Ecstasy. It is a wonderful drug, and I think that everyone needs to have this experience at least once in their life. It has truly given me a new outlook on life. It has turned me from a shy introvert who did not know how to meet people to someone who everyone enjoys being around and knows how to have fun and interact with other people. All thanks to my awesome cousin and that great drug called E.

Just a side note: Be careful about mixing ecstasy with other drugs - specially alcohol. Read up on what you take sometime: www.ecstasy.org.