My first "Trip"!! The first time i tripped on acid was insane. Me and my friends were origanally going to go smoke some weed but they decided to change my mind. My friend Austin turns and says to me,"Hey, i know, we can get some doses so you can trip for the first time." I was like, sure, why not?! Well, later on that night i dosed and let me tell you when the walls started to move i freaked. I was sitting there going,"Holy shit! This is nuts!". Well, we wandered through my friends house and our friend Josh had disappeared, or so i thought. I looked down the hall and his bedroom door was opening and shutting really fast while the lights flickered on and off. I went to check it out and there was a dog lying on his bed. I was like,"How in the hell can a dog do that shit?!" Then i turned around and Austin and Josh were right behind me. Let's just say the rest of the night.....WAS THE SHIT!!!!