My first time rolling was one of the scariest experiences of my life, it was at Cande I'm sure everyone knows about what happened at Cande (it's the one that was at the power plant way in the desert and the cops busted it) Anyway to make a long story short I was waiting at Swell records for a ride to the party cause I didn't have one yet so I figured that I would ask someone for a ride well I found one with these three other people and on our way to the party they asked me if I had ever done E well I told them no I didn't and they were like oh my god you haven't experienced a party yet until you've experienced it on E and I was really hesitant on doing it because I was really scared that the party would get busted when I was on it (turns out I was right) well I kept asking them if they would stay by me once my pill kicked in and the girl that was in the group had told me she would and she did well I didn't feel to good and all if a sudden the lights got really bright and the music was really cool well I still had to sit down cause my stomache was upset so she told me to sit down and when I did my pill started to kick in more and all of a sudden I heard people saying that the cops were at the party and than the music died and everyone was running and telling the cops to fuck off well I got really scared and the people I was with said come on we have to get back in the car the cops just busted the party and I got really scared again so i'm in the car freaking out and everyone is trying to get out of the desert and there was sand everywhere and I was waving to everyone trying to get us out and one of the promoters just gave me a strange look and waved back. well we got stuck once and i freaked out once again and we got out and I saw cop lights and the people in the car just told me to relax well once we got to the front of the driveway the cop asked us if anyone in the car was on any illegal substances so I just looked down and the driver said no and the cop flashed his light around in the car and said "no of course not right?" and the driver said right and the cop let us go. after that I started rolling again and we went back to there apartment and I started coming down and feeling sick and tired so they took me home. I said I was never going to do it again but I've done it like 15 times after that and now I love the drug so I guess I thank them for that night but yet I hated that night. but I love E,but I won't do it at parties because of my first experience and i'm to scared to do it at parties. Well that's my experience.

thanks for letting me share it with everyone!!