I rolled this past weekend at Meant To Be, the Moonshine Over America Tour. I was a little worried that the pills I got, Plain Jane, were not going to do the trick. My friends took them a little before I did and they all took one. I took two because I have to, the first time I rolled I took one and felt absolutely nothing. So I take two at a time. An hour and a half after taking the pills I am still not feeling anything, just as I'm about to pop another (literally I had my hand to my mouth and was about to it in) a heat wave engulfs my body and I put the pill away. The roll was not of the strongest quality but it's all of what you make of it. The conversing with new fun people, the ease of which words flow from one conversation to the other, the loved up atmosphere that everyone contributes to is what it is all about. The music (Keoki and Micro were great) fills your body that is filled with heightened senses. Eyes lock to the disco ball that is refracting the intense green lasers into uncountable beams. Hands meet backs that tingle and heat up upon touch. Music is absorbed through opened ears that before were closed. The mind takes it all in, touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight, and together they make you feel like one with everyone and at peace with yourself.