Not my first time rollin!!!! But my first time actualy feeling it!!!! Yes, it was at Wiggle. I'd say it was probaly my 5th rave and about my 3rd time rolling. Well it started off a bad night cuz I had lost half my money, so I only had ten bux. I searched and search for my E-funds. Then my friend Scott sold me his pill for 12 bux(cuz I had found 3 bux). I was pretty happy. That had been my second time metting him. When I finaly felt the pill kicking in I was dancing my ass off. I could feel my skin shivering as the DJ played Imagine bye John Lennon. Everyone just gathered together, held hands and hugged. I felt like a Hippie. But it was a good feeling. As the Dj started to turn up the bass I let the musik control my roll. I know I know it sounds like Im trying to be all deep. But in my opinion, E does not make the musik sound better, the Musik makes the E feel better. Well basicaly when I thought I'd go join everyone around the fire, I ran into an old friend of mine. It is realy hard sometimes to just talk to someone after not speaking to them for awhile, *and this may sound shallow*but the E made me brake the ice. We walked together to the camp fire and cuddled with the rest of all the warm fuzzy ravers. As I sat there and watched everyones faces I could feel a big smile comming apon mine. I felt tingly all over. And I felt a vibe so strong. I felt secure and safe. I forgot about everything that went wrong that day and saw a whole new perspective of my world. I realized that It is so easy to open up to these people I have never met in my life and make friends. I felt I could trust these people. When the sun began to come up I had started to come down from my roll. It wasn't like comming down from other drugs. It wasn't a bad come down. It was a calm and warm come down. To me it was like waking up from a dream. After rolling at party's for awhile I have slowly started to do the drug at party's less. I realized that I can easly talk to people without the drug now. But I have to say, E did become an icebreaker at partys for me at one point. Ice-Breaker, Peace-Maker, whatever it can do for anyone. It usualy has a good effect if you dont abuse the drug.