My First time ever taking a pill was the best feeling ever in mylife. It was at a small club with mostly Ravers like myself so I had no reluctancy of taking a pill. The pill was an excalibur. I took it and was just chilling with my friends and all of a sudden when I was using my strings it hit me and I had a sudden burst of energy to me. I had moves i never felt before and was so relaxed and in my own world all by myself. I sat down and got a little dopey and stared into the lights and just felt the musci as it penetrated my brain. It was as if I was the song and it was me. I huggeg all my friends and told them I loved them and they were all rolling too so it was very mutual. I can still remember the songs from that night, my favorit is sanctuary off New york city party underground and venga boys Kiss(airscape mix). It was the best experience of my life. And the best part of it is that you know exactl what you are doing while you are on it unlike being drunk where you are justt fucking stupid. I have rolled every chance I have gotten and love every time I am on it.