My First time rolling. My god..... I haven't been raving long.. My first was Chain Reation back in July.. And My friends had been telling me about Ecstacy and how cool it was.. Well it doesn't take much to talk me into doing something. So off we went.. Got inside the rave and found a hook up. I got 2 pills. Both green nipples. I took the first one right away.. And waited......... and waited........... and WAITED! I was starting to get really pissed cuz I was the only one NOT rollin. And it had been and hour and a half allready. So I got up and started to walk around hopeing to get my heart rate up so that I could kick it in.. That didn't work.. So I sat down.. Chilled out for a while.. My friends had all walked off to do their own thing.. I closed my eyes and started to bounce to the music. (The music was just awsome.) I opened my eyes and realized, that nothing was how it was a min ago. Things were a little brighter, And I had this big ass smile on my face.. I guess I had been sitting there a while because this girl walked up and said hello.. We talked for all of 30secs before she asked if I was rollin. I said yes cuz I was sure I was.. She said cool and started rubbing my back. And oh my god. I thought I was going to do because I thought I was in heaven.. then she stoped and when on her way.. I got up and walked around, talked to people. But ended up at the back fence just sitting there, ejoying the music. talking to my friends. GEtting and giving back rubs.. Then, tword the end of the night, I was still rolling pretty good but I was starting to come down off my second pill, when the cutest candy raver walked up to me and said hello. We talked for a second, and out of no where she gave me this koosh bear.. And she told me I could only have it if I promised never to give it to anyone else and to think of her when I had it.. (And I still think of her to this day when I see that thing. Ashley if your out there THANK YOU!!!!) It was the best night of my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything in theorld.. Thank you to all you ravers out there who are nice enough to make this scene great!!!!!