The first time I "candieflipped"!!!!!! Well I was at "Groove the movie",the rave at the nile theater. And let me tell you it was the craziest night I have ever had. first off I started to feel like I was in the movie,probably cause I had actually seen the movie a couple of weeks before! I was seeing the dj's from the movie and actually thought I was in the damn movie! At one point I was watching Dj Polywog spin and then I turned around and I saw her dancing on the dance floor! I thought"crazy, how could that be she was just playin a second ago!" So I looked back at the turntables and Forest Green was now playin. I guess in what seemed to be a few seconds they switched, but it was probably actually a few minutes! Anyway the rave went on and then a cop came in turned the lights on! I thought it was part of the rave, cause that happened in the movie! Well that just made the rave better cause everyone was yellin at him and then the lights shutoff and the musik started again. At this point I was so into the rave. I started to feel as though I was lost and couldn't even find my girlfriend who was holdin my hand! Then we decided to leave and guess what? The cops were real, they were outside writing everyones name down cause there was a shooting! I was trippin so hard, that when they asked my name and wrote it down, the pen was melting into the paper! Well since there was a shooting our car was taped off and we had to sit in downtown mesa from 2:30 till about 5:30, TRIPPIN LIKE CRAZY! there were about 100 cop cars and I was gettin so paranoid it was nuts! They finally let us leave and nothin happened to us even though we were trippin in front of the cops!