Oh god, my first time rolling.. I remember it well.. not really though.. I was straight edge before I rolled.. All I did was smoke ciggies. I took my first hit of Candy Canes at about 10:00 on my way to the REALM in L.A, California. I remember parking the car and drinking some OJ. I then got out and walked to El Pollo Loco.. Then I remember going to the bathroom when the room got kind of blurry and my breathing was echoing the stall in the bathroom. I stood up and felt the tingle of e as I put on my pants. I walked outside and the cold air hit. Air never felt so cool. I had an itch on my ear and I must have been scrathing it for a long time becaue my buddy said "does that feel good Nic" Somehow, my voice seemed softer and more genuine. I said yes.. I walked into the club and the vibration of the music made me feel euphoric. I got a glass of OJ. To this day, OJ has never tasted as good as the first time rollin. I toked a bit., I danced a bit and I tripped out on the bright colors of the glowsticks. I saw some people that worked with me. I have never talked to them before.. somehow after that night, I became friends with so many people. Usually, I am a jealous person, some girl asked to hug my boyfriend, a and I could cared less.. I was all about affection.. I came to love rollin... because for once I felt accepted and loved..