i have had much fun with e i just started doing it before x-mas 2000 and i went to my first real big rave new years (and @ raves i always rear white so i glow in the dark) and i tell you i gave half of the party light showes and danced my but of and i did not think i was so good at that, and i got alot of saying don't stop keep dancing and one of my good friend tells me to go up on stage w/ the dj and the other people who were up there. but that night was one of the gratest new years & times of my life and everytime i go to raves i dance and dance all night long. but not that long ago i was @ a rave and i took 2 e pills and they were not working good at all i was not really high i still tried to have funn and dance like usual. and later on i was dancing and i ask this one guy next to me if he was rolling and he sais no and sais that he was just trying to find him friends. and i started dancing again and then he asked if anyone wanted gum and my gum was bad so i took the gum and he also told me you will like this gum after a wile. and guess what he had put acid on the gum lots of acid + i had taken 2 e boms. i was tripping hard (i think that's fuckt up i never wanted to take acid) anyway my friend sayd i looked like a sombie if that's how you spell it i was pale and i couldn't keep balance and i had trouble breathing than my friends ended up taking me home because they were so worried about me. and when i got home my friend carried me to my bed and all of the sudden i started crying & i was so scared and i don't know why, but he had to go home and he told me to call call him on his cell when he left so that he could see how i was doing and i keept hearing all these noises in the backgroung even tough there was nothing there and finally i fell a sleep and i tell you this ( think you so much to the friend and friends that helped me that night i love you guys ) and a tip do not take gum candy or anything from anyone that you do not trust and be careful