My first time Rollin! Well, the first night I did one told me i had to wait aorund 45 minutes for it to kick in. They were Mercedes, about 20 minutes after my first pill i decided to take the second cuz i thought one just wasn't doin' anythin. I was wrong, when the first pill kicked in it was the best feeling i've ever felt.. Everything was sooo open to me, i was loving it. Then the 2nd pill kicked in...BOOM...i sat my ass on the floor wondering if i was gonna survive. I sat there for hours, just rubbing my arm over and over(that morning when i woke up i realized i rubbed my arm so hard i developed a NASTY burn/rash that didn't go away for a week), and i don't know how many teeth i cracked. But eventually, i was able to stand up and dance..i've never danced so much or so hardkore before. I just have to say, that no matter what anyone says about made me a more open person. I have no problems going up to people when i'm sober and smile and talk and hug. Before then i was supah shy. You don't have to do it at every party but damn, you make friends! Just if you've never done it before, BE CAREFUL :) and just take ONE! :D