keep on rollin...My first time rollin was dec. 18th 2000. I had just broken up (that night) with my boyfriend of over a year and I was just looking to get fucked up. All my friends had started rollin during the summer, and I was always too scared to try it...that night though, I was in a different mindset. It was a monday night, and my friend's mom was out of town for the whole week. I told my mom that I had broken up with my boyfriend, and that I was going to crash at my friend's house becuase I was feeling a little down. She said it was okay and I was free for the night. Me and 4 of my best girfriends all rolled that night, everyone had done it except for me--so I was getting pampered. There were a couple random people there throughout the night, but for the most part it was just us. Like clockwork, half an hour went by after I dropped, and i was floating. I was listening to Outkast, and to this day I get chills when I hear the song I was listening to when it first hit me. I walked into the back room where 2 of my girls were kickin that point I was rollin pretty hard, and I started to feel sick. I felt like I just needed to lay down....bad idea... the sickness went away quickly, and the bed just became heaven. I was stuck in that bed forever and I loved it. I have never bonded so much with anyone...I even met my current boyfriend that night, and the rest is history. I've rolled 3 times since then, and I just have one question: is it just me or does everyone feel like they could smoke a million cigarettes, and a thousaund blunts while their rollin??? peace and love--you only live once--keep on rollin