Keep it in Moderation...

every once in a while i will pop A pill that's right just one, E isn't a bad thing if you do it responsibly, but if you are doin' it to escape your life or some kind of pressure or to make yourself cooler among your peers, i will tell you right now that you need to re-think your position in life, i tried E because it sounded so interesting, but i must say that i have that general feeling of rollin' like twenty four seven it is something that is part of my life it was there before the E and is still around it's not the exact feeling, i wish... that would be so much cheaper... But i tried E somewhat on a scientific level or so my mind wants to believe, i tried it to see what effects it would have on a person who already felt like they were floating or like they could be honest and loving of everything at everytime, i found that E was a good thing because although i lived half my life feeling like i was rollin' it was always a feeling that came with a horrible incurable headache, the E took away the headache and also gave me a bit of self-confidence, something i have struggled with my whole life, when i take E i do it in moderation and i do it with the responsibility everyone should do it with, i use E for fun not to say i dont have fun sober i do but E provides a different kind of fun and that is something that i think everyone should experience so long as they are able to do it responsibly and making sure to keep it in moderation, i think thats E-nuff for this site feel free to e-mail me, much love, live life responsibly. PLUR