My first time rollin' was a night i will never forget! I dont exactly remember the date probably about 2 years ago. My best guy friend calls me up and asked what i was doing... he asked me for a ride to take him to pick up his pill & asked me if i wanted to do it. i was iffy about it but i finally said yes, even though i had no intentions on rollin with him, i had plans with my girls that night... i popped my pill nervous as all hell, cause i never really heard anything about it and none of my friends had ever tried it. i dropped him off at a friends house popped my pill and met my girls at the spot... not knowing what to expect i sat in the car and waited... after being in the car for about 20 minutes we stopped at our destination. as soon as the car stopped and the music stopped i got the chill i rubbed my arms and the biggest smile my face could possibly make appeared on my face! we walked in the house and i could not sit still, i was walikng around everywhere, playing with the dog, smoked a whole pack of newport 100's in a matter of 2 hours. my friends kept asking me if i was ok little did they know i was in extacy ADVICE FOR NEW ROLLERS: make sure you experience your first time with friends that are rollin because my first time rollin was great just because it was my first time and didnt know what to expect. but the people i was with had no idea the way i was feeling so i was pretty much on my own. ive rolled about 15 times now and i know fosheezy how its really supposed to be! we'll just keep on rollin baby