4:20(year 2000)...... was the first time i've dropped. I dropped a red skittle. It's took a while for it to hit me. iwas supoose to take half and the other half was suppose to be for mah man but i was being a little shady because the half wasn't hitting me. so i took the other half and still didn't feel it. well my man and i went to the kicked spot were all our homeboys were at. i still didn't feel shit. so i took a sip of ol' english and started feeling the pill after that. this was my frist time doing any drug. everyone was blazin' and i was the only one rollin'. to bad for my man who had to babysit my ass, but it's all good. i thank him for that. well when i was rollin' all i did was enjoy my self. i'm the shy quite type, but now ish all good. open to who ever. all i did that day was talk and talk.. even busted one of mah flows =) pretty dope. haha =) and oh yes i was smilin like fuck!! =) yup. i ain't no e-tard or anything only dropped 7 times my whole life and plannin' to drop more but not to much. like to a point were i can't even feel 2 pills. (maybe) jus playin!! aight.. keep droppin' and take cares!!! muah=).