All these experiences, I can hardly compare. March 2001. My first time rolling was at a gay campground. I had a ton of Captain Morgan and Pepsi. I wanted to try rolling, I had heard so much about it, I wanted to know what it was like. I hooked up with a friend who gave me a double stack, let me tell you when it kicked in I totally freaked. The roll hit me like a ton of bricks. I started to feel so light and free. I had a good friend there to babysit me, of course. Eventually I puked my guts out twice, and finally I felt better, but the roll continued. I remember going back to the trailer and hanging on to the counter standing in front f the sink just repeting the words, "this isn't cool", over and over again. All I did was just stand there motionless unable to move, it was the freakiest thing. I finally got past that night, but deceided that I wanted to try this again. I hooked up with a friend just last weekend, he's been rolling for about a year and a half. He told me all the do's and don'ts. That night I rolled on a Crescent moon. When that baby kicked in about 45 min later, I was in heaven. We were in a club in Saint Pete, Florida. It was full of ravers. The music felt so cool, the sensation was unbelievable. The touching, everybody wants to touch, everything is "hay baby", it was wonderful. My jaw started chattering, my legs go weak, it was awsome. I don't think I am raver material, but i'll definately be rolling again.