Never did I think I'd rub vicks on my cunt...but i did. It was my first time rolling and i was rolling balls! I was at a friends house and with this guy ian that i liked. He bought me my pills since it was my first time. I remember the dealer asking if I was rolling yet and I said I didn't think so. He told me i would know when I was. Less then 5 minutes later i was on the floor rubbing a little pink stuffed animal all over me and everyone else. It was the best feeling i ever have had. I finally started to peak and then they gave me another pill. Wow!!!!! I was so fucked up and i loved it too! They did all these really cool rolling tricks to me and i started to rub myself with vicks everywhere!! I was giving my face a massage and it felt great. I went through 2 binkys and tore them to shreads. I had a little dick binky that i gnawed right in half. Eventually i took yet another pill. My first time ever and already on my third pill.!! I am surprised i didn't od. I would highly suggest rolling for people. This was just a brief overview of the whole night. One of the best nights of my life and definately the best feeling i have ever had,

rave 4 eva