My first shroom trip was quite an experience. I had been told, for first-timers, to trip in a safe, familiar place, but me, being the (stupid) adventurer, chose the carnival. The first hour of my trip was the worst. I felt like I was always on the verge of puking my guts out and I just wanted to lay down and die. The carnival rides are something I will NEVER forget. I felt like I was participating in astronaut boot camp, where they flip you in every possible way and if you survive you're off to space. After my third ride I took a 50 dollar cab ride home cause I couldn't stand to be on a bus and I couldn't drive. As soon as I got home, my trip completely did a 180 and I was flying! My brother was laying down and after having many shroom trips himself, he knew exactly what I needed. He calmed me down and started to help me with my trip. He put on 'Animania', which is a cartoon for people under the influence of ANY drug. He turned on the most relaxing music by 'Orbital' and away I went. My family and I were moving a few days after that night and the kitchen had been completely cleaned out, leaving it a huge, bare area, that I took over. The linolium on the floor started flashing and I thought I was Alice in Wonderland, falling through the rabbit hole. I would close my eyes and see men holding dice, I would open my eyes and see the walls melting. I haven't had shrooms since, but I'm sure I will have many more stories to tell.

Good luck to everyone with the balls to try...

Peace and happy tripping