Bad the first time but good the rest! My first time doing E was scary! It was my b-day. We went to dinner and I took the pill just before I ate. About 15 min later I started to feel really cold. My heart raced and I was sweating up a storm! My friend rushed me out of the resturaunt and to his house. He had done E before and said I would be fine. I could hear him in the background talking to himself sayin', "This is not normal!" I was curled in a ball the rest of the night cold and sweating like a pig.

After the first time I did E I didnt really think I was going to do it again. But, I did. I figured not every time can be bad. I have done it again and again and not had a bad roll after the first one! Let me tell you E makes me open my mind to all kinds of new things. It really makes me think about stuff. If someone wanted to know if they should try it I would say YES! I think everyone should try it at least once! It makes you feel so good.


This just goes to show just because someone has done E before doesn't mean they know everything about it. If your friend knew any better he would have told you not to take any drugs, specially ecstasy before eating. Please, be VERY aware of what a drug will do to you before you take it.