WOW! is all i have to say. I just started on my little X career a few weeks ago. My first time was the best shit i have ever felt. I have dosed acid all my life, and tripped my balls off. But this was so much different, and better! I took 1 1/2 tabs my first time. And I had no idea as what to expect. About 20 mins later i guess i could start feeling it, all I know is that I had a smile on my face that would just not go away ::grins::. I could do this everyday, but I better not let it control me. Even tho it could so easily :\. The one and only tip i have so far for n00by rollers (hey I am one too, this is all know as of now) kettp hot! don't let you body cool down, dance, dance, dance :o)

Not the best advice when it comes to your body temperature. You need to keep everything in moderation, specially your body temperature. Dance when you feel like it but don't burn yourself out... or you could DIE from overheating. Drink a few sips of water each hour. It's great to have the soul and enthusiasm for raving (or anything else in life). But without caution and responsibility it will all soon go to shit. Whenever you find something that fascinates and excites you don't just jump in blindly. Pause first, think, look ahead then proceed wisely and carefully. That way, you can enjoy raving for a long long time with that knowing smile instead of becoming jaded and bitter.