My FiRsT TiME WiTH EXtAsy WaS FuCKiNG aMaZiNg. In FACt, That wAs NOt thE fIrsT TiMe I TooK IT... IT WAs ThE JuST TiMe I FeEL the fX Of ExTaSy... THe FirSt TiME i tooK a VeRry VVErRy LiTtLe PArT Of a SoFt ONe BeCaUsE I WaS ScAReD AbOuT The bAd fX's... One daY My FriEnd PhoNeD Me aNd SaID: Man... I WiLl BuY The OraNge ExtAsy PiiL to Go To The RaVE. Do u wanT? I Did'nt EXiTaTE... YEs YEs... I wANT. WhEn wE tRiEd To BuY ThE guy SaID: I JuST haVe GrEeN EuRoS... ItS NOt SO STroNg BuT FoR tHE fiRsT tiMe iS ExCeLENt... Ok oK .... I JuST tAKE 2 (one foR Me And aNOtHEr fOr My^FriENd) BeCaUse i Thought THat I WoUlDn't WANt MoRe! WELL... BEfORe We Go To The RaVE We sMoKeD SoMe WeED! ANd +/- then a HouR We WeNT TO The rAvE... We Bought a BoTTle Of watTEr AND LETTTSSSS ROOOOOOCCCCCKKKK!!!!! AFter +/- 20 minutes WWEeeeeEEEEEeEeEeeeeEeeeeeeeeeEEEEe.... WhAT A fEeLiNG MANNN... wHaT A SLaPPPPPPP!!!! REAllY rEaLlY ccOoL... I STaRTeD To daNcE!!! WHeN eXtAsy sTaRtEd To AcT I WAS wItH a GiRL ;P I LoOkEd FoR My FrIeND ThaT TooKeD WitH ME for THe "fiRst TiME" Too... He WaS JuST LiKE Me... We TaLKeD A LoT ABoUt We WerE FEeLiNg aND MAN... WERe The SaMe ThNgs... We sArTeD tO daNcE LiKE FrEaKs .. OuR BODyS WerE daNcING WiTH no LiMiTs... i DiD ThiNgs WITH My BoDY ThAt i Thougt ThaT WoUlD EXisT... EveRybody STarteD To LlOoK At ME... And all Of them weRE SmIlNg aND BeEiNg CooL To Me... I taLKEd WiTH LoTs Of PpL aND MeEt ThEM aLL bUt ALWAYS DANCING LIKE FREAK... I Meet A GiRL aND CaBUMMMM I STarTeD To KiSS HEr WiThOuT AsKiNg foR PerMiSsiON... BUT sHe DiD NOt COnTEST... ANd LeTs RoOOCk... I WaS FeeLiNG SUPeRmAN... My FrIeNd caMe to Me And sAiD: Do U waNNA go To ThE toP Of ThE souNd CooLlOuM? WHy noT? LeTs Go... i CliMbeD AT The top oF CoLloUm... ANd I saW alL THe ppL froM AbOVe... I FeeLt LiKE The LEAdEr Of tHEm ALl.... SoME Of TheM weRe LooKiNG At Me... I WaS DaNCING LiKE A BiG FrEak LiKe If My MiND WouLd BlOW THe SOuND WaS PeNeTrAtING ANd i JuST WAS ThiNkInG iN DAnCiNG... THe TiME PAsSEd aNd LoTs Of PEoPLe STaRtEd To LooK at ME WHiLe DaNCiNG.. ANd I FeLt LiKe ThEy Were tHiNkiNG: ThAt MaN KnOWs hOW To DaNCe... ReAlly NiCE! AND I DaNcEd DaNcEd DaNcEd... GiViNg The Max. Of My BoDY!! ThEN I AsKeD My friEnd tHat WAS AlSO On exTaSY If He WAnTED To CliMb TO tHe Top AND we Said YeS... So i GaVe Gave hIM thE plAce And WeNt To The MiDlE Odf The ppL DaNciNg And evEryBoDy aS LooKiNg TO Me lIKE iF i WAS a GOD... ThEN E fElt ThA iT wAS PaSsINg ThE Fx.. I DiDnt WANT ThAt... HoW i WiSH i HAVE ANotHEr PiLl.. So i reMeMbereD... ALCooL... SHot DriNKs... Yes... LeTS gO... Me AnD My FrIeNd... GolDeN StRiKe... KalAshnikoV.... AnD PUM PUM PUM PUM PUM ... ThAt wAS ThE bESt NiGhT oF My LiFe.. ThEN.. WhEn the FX Denitly eNdEd I feLt ThAT My boDy wAs a PiEce oF Shit... I WiSh A BAd... Then.. whEn i caMe HouSE At +/- 7h AM i WenT To BEd... aNd I SlEEp ALL THe daY... AnD IN My dReAms i Was IN THaT "RaVE" DANciNG... DANcINg... aNd danciNg.... I LOVE U EXTASY!!!! MySeLf