oh my god the best trip i ever had in my life was when i took white pekachos. that hit DEFINITALLY knocked me off of my ass. the roll that i experienced was one that i neva felt before. i couldn't stop saying "definitally" and this hit made everyone who took it hollusinate. i thought me and my friends got into a car accident and i thought the car door got smashed in so i rolled down the window of the car and climbed out of the windo. it was so funnie everyone was laughing at me . but that was definitally not the last time i tripped or first time for that matter. i have tripped about 162 times in my life and more then one pill at a time. the feeling is amazing and i could not live without it. it is so great and everyone should try it at least once. and when you trip bump some "k" and you will never feel so good. i felt like i was floating away on a cloud it was amazing!!!!!!!!!! luv ya lotz "...ThE......OnE......AnD......OnLy......CrAcKhEAd......LiSa..."