***E*** It can change your life for the better.

I've been raving for 4 years now, but i only started rolling July '99. Before taking any pills, I spent those years standing in the back of the party with my friends just "kinda" dancing...we would talk amongst ourselves but neither of us would stray from the group and make new friends. Then i rolled for the first time, and it started with a kande kid coming up and giving me a massage...then i danced. I fuckin danced like crazy, and people would stop by and give me some water or another massage, and we'd sit and talk and exchange numbers and make new friends.

Long story short, ever since my first experience rolling, I've come so far out of my shell you'll see me right up there at the DJ booth dancing like no ones watching, laughing, crying, bouncing, jumping, having the best time of my life. No longer am I afraid to go up to a complete stranger and just start talking and hugging anyone, no longer will I stay in the back of the room and stare and bob my head.

The whole meaning of PLUR was opened up to me that first night, and it took a pill to make me take that first step, but god am I glad I did. I love you all!

(If you ever want a great massage, look for me! (: )