dumb bitch:

"Let me tell u. E is great. I once took 11 pills on accident and woah it was something I definatley recommend. But don't eet more than 4 or 5 or ur brain will start to hurt reel bad but i still had alot of fun. hahaha"

Rami(thats you):

"I very much doubt anyone can take 11 pills and live to tell about it... and if they do it should not be something to brag about. I think even if you are going to take a single pill you should be very careful. Ramy "


I saw this posted on your "Are you experienced" forum. Actually the average lethal dose of PURE MDMA is around a 10,000mg which is about 100 pills. This is assuming you could keep all that in your stomache, if i eat more than five, shit starts coming back up(my body seems to know when its had to much even if i'm being stupid, thank you body!) after about 4 or five you brain runs out of seratonine and the enzymes that are supposed to break down the seratonine start breaking down dopamine, a product of which is hydrogen peroxide. Now I don't need a doctor to tell me that hydrogen peroxide is bad for my brain.So when your "brain starts to hurt" it's brain cells dieing, lots of them. Now they may get retarded but People don't die from overdoses on X(unless their already fucking retarded, if you got a hundred pills to blow share the wealth) they die of overdoses on DXM, GHB, mescaline(no, nobody puts herione in pills anymore, its to damn expensive), and all the other bullshit crackheads put in pills. The dealers that knowingly sell these pills should have 10 of them shoved right up their ass, see how they like cooking from the inside out. but I look at it like this, If some kids stupid enough to take a pill and they don't know what it has in it, then they die, then chalk one up for Darwin. If your gonna do drugs, get educated and know how the drug works, after that 3rd or 4th pill, you wasting your money theres no more seratonine. and if you wait a month between each time you roll, you'll only need to take one or two pills to get the max effect