"ARE YOU READY FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE?" is what i heard the first time i ever tried E. I only took half a pill bcuz i got it for free, so it was all good. I was rollin with this one guy Jeremy and we were kissing and whatnot and messin around and he was on top of me and sat up and then said...."are you ready for the ride of your life?" as he took of his belt which made a whipping noise. I just wanted to laugh, but i didnt want to embarrass him. WELL then i ended up rolling 1 week later w/a whole pill. It was so awesome. I was with my 3 best friends and we had so much fun together. We acted like little girls and it was so much fun. I couldnt of imagined a better real first time. I was so happy to have my friends around me and experience it with me too. ~lauren~