Acid is the shit man. My friend and I decided to take a few hits. She took one and I took 2. It was amazing we had the exact same trip. We were walking when it kicked in and we were fucked! The cars we passed started bouncing up and down, we felt like our arms were dragging on the ground it was funny. We ended up going to a school and sitting there for like 3 hrs. I spit on the wall and it changed into a million different colourful patterns, we could see what looked like ancient writing on the brick walls. Some kid kicked a soccer ball and it like floated, with all these tracers behind it. Then a seagul flew straight into the brick wall, it looked like it flew into a pool of water full of different colors it was sweet. I tryed to smoke a cigarette and I couldn't cuz everytime I put it up to my mouth the damn thing would bend and it looked like it was gonna burn me. Hehehe. One warning though....NEVER look in a mirror when your trippin on acid. It's freaky, it looks like your face is melting off. N-e-ways, acid is awesome just don't do it all the time or you'll get flashbacks.