The first time i rolled was the best time of my life. I had just got back from vacation and i called my boyfriend up to come get me and my lil' bro. We started out just drinking and we accumalated a few people on the way to the party. I never had rolled before and i was having family problems. My mind was cluttered and i was depressed. My boyfriend rolled every weekend with our best friends and they happened to be at the party. So, i ate this lil' bean with a money sign on it and about 30 minutes later- every one was my best friend. I was the only person there who had never rolled and there were about 25 of us. All my friends took care of me and blew me up and took me on the first real journey of my natural life and i became emotionally attached to people. I didn't know what i was feeling or why. I wen't to wal- mart and blew up nuts! All i did was eat this lil ol' pill that looked like aspirin and i was in euphorea.All of our old friends showed up to congrajulate me on my victory as the new "bean-queen". The music had my heart pounding and all of my enemies and the people i had despised were suddenly my real close friends. Me and my boyfriend were so close after that nite. The only thing i hated was i had to leave all my friends and go home with my boyfriend. I couldn't sleep and i rolled that first nite xactly 3 weeks ago today. I still have the shakes real bad from that and i didn't come down till' about 8:30 that morning. It really and trully is the best drug i had ever done and im glad i did it. I loved the feeling of freeness and i felt like i was in heaven and all the people that cared about me the most was with me to help me share my xperience! If your scared to do it- don't be. I was and now my life has changed. Just be careful what u take and make sure someone u know cares is there to protect u. I saw purple leprochans. Thanx for letting me share my xperience with ya'll.

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