XTC has it's after effects... most of these articles are about how rolling is great and blah blah blah.. i was an E-tard when i was 13 and drugs really fucked up my life. Taking drugs at an early age, when your mind isn't fully developed. No wonder why i'm a fuckin psycho. Or if you do roll..... make sure you know whats in it. One night i took a pure capsule and smoked glass (meth/crystal/tweek...whatever)...and i ended up being in a coma for 3 days. It's not something you wanna go through. E makes you depressed too...like 3 days after you do it. That's part of the reason why you keep wanting to do it cause you wanna get that great feeling back. When the only thing it's doing is fucking up the way you look at things, making you out of touch w/ reality, making you look like a fuckin idiot, for a few hours of pleasure. And in those few hours you touch and hug people you don't know...who are only w/ you because they're fucked up and can give 2 shits about you when your sober. And Kedamine....Why the fuck would you want to put shit in your body that's used on animals? I know the answer.....cause it get's you fucked up and it feels good...it just sounded like a good thing to write.... =] anywayz....i've done about every drug out there.. weed,acid,shrooms,E,K,coke,tweek...you name it. Now i'm done w/ all that and from expierience i just wanna say... don't do drugs cause they'll fuck your head up.

*it's never too late to be what you wanted to become*