E wut an AMAZING drug. i believe that drugs do free your mind. i mean i use to be shy until i smoked trees alot and now im a better and different person i do what i want if i want to im not held by constraints. now to the e part. rolling when it hits you feel your body go into a trance the music flow through your veins like electricity. the people around you are the greatest thing god ever created. you appreciate the beauty of the world for those hours when ur rolling. you move to the music your body controls you you dont even know what your doing. but i think that the best e experience is with a group of your close friends, a bunch of pills,vicks, a strobe, glowsticks, neoglows, trance cds, a cd player, a couch, and your sweats. the bonding experience is essential to mantian an astounding friendship. to all my fellow e lovers enjoy yourself control yourself e will always b here and lets hope u will too...if anybody knows any good rollin tips such as vicks or floorhugging respond is this forum and share the wealth.

love everybody