i had been seeing my girlfriend for about 4 weeks, just after i got back to tokyo from being in london. it was about 6am on sunday and she wanted to go to an afterhours party at Valfarre ( japan's largest club) but because i had just finished doing a 12 hour shift I wasn't too keen. eventually she changed my mind and of to the club we went. i didn't have to pay any money to get in because the club i worked for was on vip guest list. we dropped our pills and chilled out for a while, about 20 mins later it was party time! we were going strong for about 5 hours. but the only problem was that everything seamed so FAKE, all these people were writhing around each other in a frenzy, cheering to the music which had totally encompased their being. it was like a scene from hell where no-one had control of what they doing,but were mesmorized by the sounds. my girlfriend and i went back to her apartment just before the party had ended as to beat the rush. we were totally stuffed but not too much. we let the love drug live up to it's name for about 3-4 hours, then took some sleeping pills and some vallium. it was goodnight nurse for about 9-10 hours then back into it!