My first time dropping,, was when i went to a friends birthday party.. we spent half the birthday party trying to call a hook up on some pills... finally when i was almost time for me to leave,, we got a hook up.. i bought one before i left and then some friends dropped me off.. i really wantted to know what all the fuss was about about this stuff so i took half of it by myself in my room... after i took it.. i was coloring in a coloring book... and about a half hour later,, i realized i was still coloring in the coloring book.. but i was mixing colors and making rainbows and i thought that it was so beauiful... so i stopped coloring and sat back to think.. and i was like.."asm i feelin somethin??" i waited a little longger and then i just couldnt stay still... i was walking all over my room! My skin felt weird so i kept touching my self... i found a hotwheels toy and it was like keeping me company... i named it star and i drove it all over my bedroom walls and on me and on my bed.. everywhere... i just couldnt get over how smooth it drove... i was so happy and i felt like i wanted the world to know!! i loved everybody even if they didnt love me.. and every word i heard on the radio i took to heart... nothing could make me sad or uhnhappy because life to me was the best and i felt that everyone was free... when i finally forced my self to sleep i woke up hella early and all that day i thought of life differently... still from now i have a different view on life... happy e dropping!!! and dont over dose!!!