I was at this rave in florida with my friend nicole and my cousin chris.he was very experienced in x.i was sitting at this table drinking vodka then this Girl walked up to the table and told me if i were i would stop drinking cause itl fuck up your high.i said this is the only thing iv done tonight.She passed me a double stack pill.i sat there for awile watching everyone.so i said fuck it and poped it chased it down with some water.About 15 miniuts later.there was this flood of warmth comin over me i fell so damn good. So my cousin walked by me bumbed into my arm.as soon as he did I felt thes tingles all over me.it lasted 10 seconds everytime.then i was talkin to chris.i was talking to him and.and it was like we were talkin in this fucked up voice the same.then i got up went to the floor started dancing.i didnt even know how.i felt lightless and boneless.every move i made was like a fuckin jelly fish.after dancing for about 30 minuitslater this juice was stirin around in my head.before everything was so slow.started going to fast and to far away.i walked to the stage and looked up at this poster of dafy duck that wasnt there.his eyes statered to get bright i held out my hand look at it and saw a ball of light sitting there.turned around to chris said look man check this shit out.as soon as i said that i stared feel very strange.all i remember is my cousin said im about to od.the next morning after the party i woke up in nicoles room naked that was it was a trip