EXciting is what I've got to say about my experience.My first experience was the greatest!I was around my closest friends and it was all our first times(we had other people watching over us though).We were all at a dance and we were all anxiously waiting for our friend to come up with the E.By about 9 p.m. that night we all dropped together(my first pill was a tulip).I was curious to what I was going to act like so I went to check on my friend Lucky who was already "floored".I was scared that I was going to end up like him when it hit.I was scared to to take my mind off of the trip and waiting for it to finally hit I danced the whole night.To my surprise it finally hit within 15 minutes of dropping.It was like a crash of waves hitting you.I couldn't stop dancing that night.My friend Gen gave me a light show(now i know why ravers always have glowsticks).Once I sat down, I felt like I couldn't get back up.When I finally did get back up to dancing, I felt as if I were flying.The music around me seemed like it was coming from all angles.If people just passed by me, I felt tingles of run up and down my body.I felt loose, friendly, and comfortable cause I had friends to watch over me.But then once of my friends who dropped that night started acting like my mother.She was babying me and the rest of the girls that dropped.It ruined my high.She got me mad and I was already downing off my E trip so I had to drop another half a pill.That other half a pill hit quick cause I wasn't completely off my other roll.It was great from then on cause me and my friend made up and gave eachother great massages when we got home.So PLUR on peoplez.