My frist time to roll i took half a tab. It was called Little Green Men. I had no idea what to expect. My friend Valarie had told me everything she knew about it but i still was kinda iffy about it. There werent that many people there.. it was me, Valarie, ~N~ 3 guys, They were hot! It felt like it took for ever for it to take affect but when it did i was like WHOA! It was the SHIT! everything felt soooo cool.. It was awsome. and the guys were so kewl about it. it was my first time to meet them and they were awsome. I was givin them back rubs ~N~ shit. so it wa good for all of us. And the light shows were awsome! They did this thing called *sucking your brains out* Oh my GOD! it was AWSOME! never had anything like it before. i had done so much stuff before i did X but nothin was near as good as X. I dont do it very often, my first time was when i was 13 back in 2000, ive done it about 7 times after that. now im 15 and loven it. in fact im counting on gettin some mo! re next week!