was sup to all them ravers poppers n all! Dam usin that shit E is a fuccin trip. That pill was tha shit wen i first drop it almost 1 year now. never drop it wit out mi boo chop. i realli love that filling yo but fuccin get adiccted. met me feel good n all that. i never had no side defects in till december. Started throwin up yellow liquid shit. couldn't even get up. it was so hard. i cried n cried that dai hopin i wouldn't die. i can't believe that i waste all mi moniei juss foe that. wen i didn't get that pill i get all mad how stupid is i. onlee 16 n a E head. man now i feel all depress. i dunno maibe one dai i can juss turn away from that harmfull drug. well yall i juss wanna say that watch out foe that pill n i dunt want no one droppin that shit n gettin hurt.