I took E for the first time after doing many months of research on the drug. I had been in the rave seen ever since i was like 12, just because my uncle lives with us and he's a Dj, so i pretty much suck up to him so he can take me to the events. He had always told me not to do E(even though he did it), but when i turned 16, i decided to try it. I had done weed, before, like 1 or 2 times a month at most, and had never really gotten in deep into the drug world. But when i went to the LUV 2k Rave in SLC, i took my first E-Pill (white Ferrari), and let me tell you, DAMN!!!!!! I rolled so hard!!!After an hour or more,my eyes couldn't stop moving, as colorful lights left mad tracers behind them. As i breathed in this one kids Beanie full with VICs Vaporub, i felt my body go into this GOOD FEELING agony, which soon caused me to bring my top and bottom teeth together. Soon enough, i couldnt stop talking to random people. Every once in a while, i'd go into this one state of trance, where all i could hear was the music, and it was the best music i had ever heard. And what was even more amazing, this feeling would just get better and better!!!!!!!!!!! Waves would hit me harder and harder taking me to a higher feeling of extacy!!!!!!!And the music was so perferct for all that i was feeling (once they played Paul Van Dyk's "FORBIDDEN FRUIT" and blended it in with DJ. KAYCEE's "escape",it was like heaven!) I soon found myself dancing with 2 girls up on stage inside the shadow box, and it was CRAZY!!!! Then i came back down, and some fat dude gave me these really trippy glasses that made all the lights and glow sticks look 100 times cooler, and out of the blue, he picks me up and spins me like 10 times while rubbing my heart really fast. OH MY GOD!!!! It was the most "out into another world experience" i had ever been through. I guess i passed out for like 3 seconds, but it sure seemed like an eternity(no joke). While in this "outer world experienc! e" i went through this tunnel of light and i could still hear the music banging through my skin which now felt all tingly!!! INSANITY!!!! When i started opening my eyes really slow, i saw 5 people looking down at me twirling their lights at me... I couldnt remember where i was and this kinda frightened me for a while ( i thought i had been drunk at someone's house and gotten drunk off my ass and passed on the ground....) as i started remembering what had happened, i felt secure again... thats when the hardest wave hit me with no mercy, and that brought me to tears.... can you belive it.... i cried.. (this shit was good). I couldn't beleive that it could ever be that good!!! I couldn't imagine ever being that understanding of others, and some deep deep feelings and issues were all brought forward, totally causing me to debate on worldy issues and problems. It all seemed so simple to solve, and from that point on, i understood that all you need to be is happy. The materialis! tic side of the world is nothing compared to " how you feel about yourself and others." SIMPLE!!! Then the 2 girls said i was talking too much too fast, so they stopped trying to keep up with my arguments, so they tolled me to shut up and listen to them for a while. They gave me back rubs and said that that was their first night rolling too. Soon we gathered in this little circle, and my best friend joined in too. We were all just chatting and being totally open about everything.It turns out that they were bisexual, and i was so respectful of that, cause now i understood what it was like feeling love for every one... EVERY ONE, even those people you dont get along with. we all ended up smoking like 10 ciggaretes that night, even though i dont smoke, but it just felt good then.... Well, my best friend and i ended up dancing with these 2 girls for the rest of night and we had the best time of our life!!!

I look forward in doing it again on my birthday, with the whole trance rave scene again, with a bunch of friends rolling too.... I've read plenty on the drugs issues, so i'm pretty carefull about it.... moderation is the key i guess!!! Plus, i dont think i could afford this shit, cause it costs $25 a pill here!!! IT"s fun though!!! Keep it in moderation and have a blast, make sure you do some research before you try anything, so you at least know what the fuck you're taking! Be smart about it!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!